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10 Trendy Taper Fades Styles For Long Hair

    Long hair taper fade style
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    The taper fades for long hair, is an inspired hairdo of regular taper fade. Generally, the taper fade is a freestyle hairdo, which is easily transferable. We consistently do it with short or medium-length hair. Although doing the taper fade in short hair looks familiar, I have seen many people try to do the same hairdo with their long hair. As a result, the taper fades for long hair has found identification as a hairdo.

    So, let’s know the characteristics of a taper that fades long hairstyles from the immediate section. 

    What is a taper fade long hairstyle?

    On the taper fade look, the side hairs above the ear line appear shaved grassy, and the back side of the head wears the same pattern of hair. On a taper fade, the upper side of the head stays with a little bit of natural hair. That overall cutting is called a taper fade. 

    When the taper fade is done with long hair on the top of the head, it becomes a long hair taper fade hairstyle. So, the regular taper fade appears as a long taper fade with long-length natural hair.

    A short list taper fades for long hairstyles

    In today’s time, the craze for long hair taper fades is increasing especially for the young generation. Truly speaking, long hair taper fades only suit young gays as it is more of a stylish hairdo. 

    This hairdo doesn’t appear better with the age of gays, as they require professional hairdos. I mean the taper fade with long hair, is neither a stylish hairdo nor a professional hairdo.

    Medium size hair on taper fade

    Source: Pinterest

    Right taper fade hairdo

    Source: Pinterest

    Fade hairdo on curly long hair

    Source: Hairstyles feed

    Classic hairdo on a taper fade way

    Source: Luxe Digital

    Spike fade hairdo

    Source: Pinterest

    Young guys hairdo

    Source: Pinterest

    Trendy taper fade for man

    Source: The trend spotter

    Amazing low taper fade in long hair

    Source: Pinterest

    Casual-looking curly hair in taper fade mode

    Source: Styleholic 

    Taper fade and updo mix

    Source: Men’s hairstyle tips


    This section contains relevant answers to questions on this topic.

    Is taper fade good for straight hair?

    Answer: If you select the appropriate version, the tapered cut looks especially good on straight hair. Selecting a medium-length taper can help make the hair appear thicker and fuller.

    Is taper fade a clean cut?

    Answer: Another important aspect of the taper fade’s appeal is how neat it looks. This hairstyle is polished and sophisticated, with longer hair on top gradually tapering down to shorter hair on the sides and back.

    Will the long taper fade be suitable for short gays?

    Answer: Generally, the taper fade hairstyle seems good with shorter men. However, the long hair taper fades also look good on them because that hairdo delivers a slightly tall look with medium longer hair. We always recommend medium-length hairs, for shorter structures. 

    Should I try a fade?

    Answer: Although there are a few tweaks you should do to make it your own, it looks fantastic on all face shapes. Still, a faded haircut looks terrific in any setting or at any time of day. You can choose to be bold for an edgy style or subdued for a polished and tidy appearance. You make a statement with your hairstyle.

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