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Hair Fall in Monsoon – Analysis, and Remedy

    Hair decreasing problem
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    If you want to know the real reason for hair fall in Monsoon, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss the reasons for hair falling in the monsoon along with the proper remedial procedures to decrease hair falling.

    Hair fall in monsoon – Analysis

    It’s a controversial issue. No direct proof could be found in favor of this statement. However, substantial reasons are available.

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    During the monsoon time, the weather becomes very humid. Extreme humidity causes problems for sensitive skin and scalp.

    Therefore, hair fall may increase in extreme conditions like monsoons. In some places the rate of extreme humidity is high. Usually, in those places, people do face the same sort of problems.

    Hair fall may increase up to 30 percent during the monsoon time. Moreover, the natural 4c hair will be in real danger in such humid conditions.

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    But don’t bother about the monsoon hair-falling problem. No medication is required to overcome the problem. Changes in the weather condition reduce the problem.

    Reason for hair fall in monsoon 

    In humid conditions, the increase of hydrogen begins the problem. Scalp mainly absorbs the necessary ingredients for hair growth, and on the other hand protects hair roots from dangerous things such as hydrogens, fungal infections, and chemical infections.

    The hair scalp does selective work to continue the proper circulation of the hair growth system. But then during the monsoon time, the hydrogen presence increases more rapidly than in normal conditions.

    Therefore absorption of hydrogen increases the chemical present in hair. Which makes the hair root fragile and increases hair fall. Oily hair especially suffers a lot in that difficult period.

    How to stop hair fall in monsoon

    Excessive hair fall in monsoon is considered a normal condition. However, if you have less hair from the past, then you need to take some steps to save the left hair. See the following suggestions to save your hair from the monsoon season. 

    • Clean hair at least once every week by using shampoo.
    • Use shampoo and conditioner to make hair silky at that time.
    • Don’t use oil and chemical products during monsoon time. 
    • Keep natural hair medium or short, avoid long hair.
    Final words

    Hair fall in monsoon is a normal thing. With a little bit of care, you can slow down the rate of hair fall. Moreover, with good precautions, your hair will stay away from dangerous hydrogen absorption in the monsoon.

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