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Egyptian Braids – History, and Ideas

    Braiding ideas of Egypt
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    The decorative Egyptian braids have a rich history and nice ideas to share. That’s why this post is drawn with a complete discussion of Egyptian braids. 

    The Egyptian braids establish a connection between modern and ancient traditions. According to historians’ information, Egyptian braids are the oldest proof of hairdos found in the ancient world. 

    The practice of doing braids resembles the ancient tradition of the Egyptians. Although hairdos in modern times are common for all classes, the old braids were only the styling rights of royals.

    The history of Egyptian Braids

    The ancient Egyptians used to make hair extensions with costly stones, jewels, and superb expensive marble. Making hair in good fashion was only permissible for the royals. 

    Royal women especially had the luxury and the permission to wear highly expensive things. On the other hand, common Egyptians used to keep their hair with no style.

    Archaeologists found an ancient mummy of an Egyptian royal woman with decorative hair which was more than 3000 years old. Surprisingly, the history of doing braids in Egypt is older than that. 

    Some of the old Egyptian sculptures and arts suggest the long history of doing hair in Egypt is at least 5000 years old.

    There were differences between hairstyles in that arena. Some hairdos were for the commons whereas others are only preferable for the royals. There was a distinction in hair practice in ancient Egyptian civilization.

    Egyptian kings were found with decorative beards and hair designs. This historical proof strongly suggests the ancient practice of pharaoh kings and the Egyptian civilization. 

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    Examples of Egyptian braids  

    Here in this part, we will see a few examples of braids. Some pictures of ancient monuments were collected from different sources to enrich ideas about the ancient braids.

    Ancient Egyptian Box Braids

    Source: Pinterest

    Box braiding was part of Egyptian history. Only royal women do braids. This ancient monument suggests box braids during that time. 

    Dreadlocks with beads end

    Source: Facebook

    Another hairdo that was common for royal Egyptian women. This hairdo was completed by dreadlocks with decorative beads at the end.

    Keep in mind that the source of this photo is social media. Whereas, the complete history of dreadlocks was briefly discussed in that post. You are invited to learn more from that post.

    The new ideas of doing Egyptian braids

    Many different hairdos were inspired and came from Egyptian braids. Have a glimpse of the nice collections of braids from the below examples.

    Bob’s hair braids style

    Source: Pinterest

    We have begun the modern ideas of braids with short-size braids because of easy maintenance. With a little care, everyone can manage this hairdo. This example of braids is suitable for younger women.

    Bang and beads style

    This way of braiding is suitable for modern days. However, ancient Egyptian queens were the linings of this hairdo. They were only permitted to style their hair with luxurious gold jewelry and braids.

    Inspired box braids from Egyptian fashion

    Women like long-length decorative box braids hairdos. That type of hairdo came completely from ancient Egyptian hairdos. Moreover, such a hairdo makes you look superb and unique. 

    Medium braids with beads

    A short-medium braid hairstyle is suitable for younger women. However, in the ancient period royal women used to make short stylish braids. Such current short braids hairdos directly came from those ancient practices.

    However, style and fashion change from time to time. You may not find direct copy ancient Egyptian braids with modern-day braids but it has undeniable close relations. 

    To wrap it up 

    Ancient Egyptian civilization doesn’t exist in modern times but has a great mark on modern fashion and thoughts. Modern Egyptian braids have a close connection with ancient practices of doing hair. Furthermore, we collected ancient examples and modern ideas of Egyptian braids to make your heads clear about braids.

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