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Elton John Hairstyles and Transplant History

    Elton john lost his hair, due to male pattern baldness.
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    Elton John’s hairstyle journey is so impressive. In the early 70’s he had arrived with the dashing hairdo. However, at one stage of his life, the superstar lost his hair due to male baldness. 

    From long mid-parted white hair to baldness Elton’s fans have seen it all. Mostly he is known for his elegant and stylish appearance. For more than half a century, Elton John has been the favorite face of the rock industry.

    Many years of superimacy of a celebrity is so rare. That rare thing is only gettable in Elton John. He is carrying fame and good will for so long.

    Hairstyle Laboratory.

    Elton John’s early hairstyle

    Elton John was first spotted with a dashing white long hairstyle. It was the beginning of his career. In this hairdo, there is no sign of baldness. 

    Elton John’s hairstyle before baldness

    During the year 1975, he started losing hair rapidly. It was the last appearance before going for the first hair transplant. 

    In an interview, he has already spoken about hair transplant surgeries. Elton John has said that he went for a hair transplant not only once but twice. 

    Elton John wearing a cap – to escape from baldness 

    Losing natural hair at an early age, he became so concise. That’s why he always wanted to hide his baldness. Thereby, he used a round hat on multiple occasions. 

    However, he looked so nice with a hat too. Later, he went for a hair transplant. And got back his hair. The story of Elton John hairstyles are long.

    Cause of losing hair – Elton john hairstyles

    He directly never spoke about the reason for losing hair. However, from his early picture of him, it’s clear that he lost him due to male pattern baldness. It’s a genetic cause of losing natural hair. 

    From his lifestyle, it’s clear that he was not drug-addicted. Unlike other celebrities, you can’t say the wrong statement about his lifestyle. 

    After surpassing so many years, he is now in complete hair. Although Elton John now has short hair, he looks so clean in that style. We wish him good health and a good future after this post.

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