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Hair Fall During Pregnancy – Explanation

    Pregnancy hair growth problem
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    Hair fall during pregnancy is a common problem for women. They also face other side effects along with this hair fall during pregnancy. Well, those side effects are not so common to all women. 

    Especially, those who have sensitive skin, and allergenic conditions such problems may see on them.

    But such side effects are considered to be normal during the maternity period. So, nothing to be worried about if you are facing a similar issue. See the detailed information down below.

    The main cause of hair fall during pregnancy

    Mainly the changes in hormonal surges during the pregnancy count as the premiere cause of hair fall. Surprisingly, women may see an increase in hair growth during the first trimester. However, after that hair growth slows down a bit. 

    Such a condition is named telogen effluvium according to medical science. Which continues for at least 4-5 months. 

     Luckily, hair loss during pregnancy and after pregnancy is not so alarming and typical. It’s a random physical condition that stops after a couple of months of a successful pregnancy. 

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    Hair fall during pregnancy– Description

    A pregnant woman will see changes in her body. It’s pretty obvious. But serious changes in her body and mind are dangerous that require medications too. 

    Generally, loss of hair problems arises after the delivery. The rise of hormones during pregnancy days prevents hair loss. A pregnant woman may see an increase in hair growth. 

    On the other hand, in some other cases where a pregnant woman sees hair loss due to an imbalance of hormones. 

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    While changes in regular food habits and lifestyle also cause hair loss during pregnancy. Especially, discontinuation of birth control pills may create a hormonal imbalance in pregnant women’s bodies. Which may result in an extensive amount of hair loss.

    That generally happens due to a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Or the baby needs extra supplies of food in the mother’s womb. Whereas most mothers are unaware of those things even in the modern period.

    Therefore, pregnant women become so vulnerable. Such a vulnerable condition also causes serious health damage. Changes in skin tone, problems in eyes, and hair loss so many side effects can be seen on those days. 

    Hair fall during pregnancy — Remedy 

    If you see a major fall in natural hair, then take the necessary steps quickly. First of all, bring healthy foods into your routine. Take the foods that are especially recommended for the pregnancy period. 

    However, no changes in physical condition require consultation with doctors. Specialists will help you with providing proper routine and proper medicine. 

    It’s always better to take early treatment. Pregnancy situations always require proper care. That’s why you need to take the necessary treatment at an early stage. 

    With the consultation of a doctor, pregnant women can take vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and Vitamin E. But don’t take any overdoses.

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