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Hairstyle Similar to a Man Bun – Description

    Up do hairstyle
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    As we all know man bun hairstyle is so popular nowadays. However, a hairstyle similar to a man bun is also popular. A couple of hairstyles are close to a man bun hairdo. In this article, we will only talk about those similar man bun hairstyles.

    Upper set afro hair

    Source: Pinterest

    It is close to the bun hairstyle. However, this hairstyle is not a bun style at all. It is a short afro hairstyle. Where those short medium hairs are tied up with a band. That’s why the afro upper set hair is similar to a man bun hairstyle.

    Medium-updo hairstyle

    Source: Pinterest

    Medium-length locks of hair are easily transferable. You can keep this type of hair in a different setting. Moreover, you can change your hairstyle frequently. In recent times, everyone loves to carry manageable haircuts rather than difficult fancy hair.

    The real man makes their presence strong with beard and long hairs.

    Mehedi Hasan

    All beard folded locs hairstyle

    Source: Pinterest

    The beard along with long locs looks amazing. With proper facial hair and right seated locs hair this model looks so natural. This type of hairstyle generally provides a natural look. That’s why young guys are more likely to wear this hairstyle.

    Apart from those hairstyles, some other hairstyles also sit in this category. 

    The hairstyles of Indian Sadhus
    Source: Pinterest

    Basically, sadhus carry the dreadlocks hairstyle. They keep their locks at long lengths. Along with their long dread hairs, they usually keep longer beards. To maintain the longer dread hairs, they attach the locks over their head.

    Sometimes, they make buns to keep their hair in a proper position. Those hair settings can’t be directly called bun hairstyles. However, you can call the Indian sadhus hairstyle similar to a man bun.

    Just like the Indian sadhu’s hairdos, some other styles fit into this category. But to be in a man bun category there must be some categories. 

    Let’s see those things that make a hairstyle similar to a man’s bun.

    • The hair length should be medium or long.
    • The hair must be folded on a higher position of the head.
    • To make the hairstyle pretty similar to a man’s bun, keep the folding hair upon your head.

    If any hairstyle follows these conditions, that will be enough to know as a man bun has a similar hairstyle. 

    Nowadays young men try to achieve hairstyles similar to a bun. This hairstyle makes a man elegant, stylish, and natural. Therefore, this type of hairstyle similar to a man bun is trending.

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