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Does Dandruff Cause Hair Fall?

    itching of scalp
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    Dandruff is a big problem with natural hair. However, in most cases, dandruff doesn’t directly cause hair fall

    It’s tricky to understand the real reasons for dandruff increases and the effect of dandruff on natural hair. You will get all the answers about dandruff from this article. 

    What is dandruff?

    To know the cause and effect of dandruff, we need to know about dandruff first. Dandruff mainly comes from the dry skin of the scalp. It’s a normal condition of scalp skin. The main reason behind the creation of dandruff is the fungus Malassezia.

    dandruff is a problem.
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    This fungus is more often found on adults’ scalps. That’s why an adult’s scalp is the safest place for dandruff. 

    Dandruff eats hair oil and hair sweat. Therefore, oily hair skin saw a high fall in dandruff problems.

    Does dandruff cause hair fall?

    Although dandruff isn’t directly the reason for hair fall, it creates disgusting scenarios before others. Dandruff is a normal scalp condition. But, excessive dandruff creates itching on your scalp. 

    With high stress and itching, dandruff becomes so dangerous. In this severe condition, hair roots become so vulnerable. It is more often seen in a person who has a weaker immune system. 

    All those things combinedly create danger for natural hair. Generally, it’s not harmful and you can’t get rid of dandruff completely. 

    Dandruff makes the beautiful hairstyle so ugly. Even beautiful hair loses attraction just because of dandruff. 

    Fan’s complain

    Depending on your scalp skin, the density of dandruff differs. But excessing the rise of dandruff is not well for natural hair.

    You may face problems with doing hairstyles. It especially creates embarrassing moments in front of many people. 

    Sometimes dandruff falls on your shoulder and dresses. That is also embarrassing, especially in a black dress. As it is white colored broken dry skin, it looks horrible black colored dress.

    How to stop dandruff?

    Dandruff is most commonly seen on a male person’s hair. You treat dandruff in certain ways. 

    In normal dandruff conditions, simply use shampoo and conditioner during shower time. But in severe conditions, you need to come up with a more timely intervention. Early treatments slow down the rate of dandruff attacks.

    Long hair dandruff makes their house safe. So make your hair slightly smaller to stay away from this problem. Use shampoo and conditioner while bathing. And make less use of hair oil. 

    In certain cases, it has been seen that a clean scalp has less amount of dandruff than dirt scalps. So keep your scalp clean enough to see less attack of dandruff. 

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