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What to Eat to Stop Hair Fall Immediately

    Increase hair growth.
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    Hair fall is a severe problem that needs early care. Otherwise, you will lose hair at a rapid rate. In a couple of months after the beginning of hair fall, you may lose one-third of the hair.

    Extreme hair fall is more common in women than men. However, in general, women are the common victim of hair fall. 

    Naturally, we lose 20 to 100 hairs in a day. That is a common and normal condition. However, you cannot stop Alopecia with a healthy diet only. As, alopecia is a result of hormonal changes, heredity, and bad medical conditions. It’s considered part of aging. 

    However, you can stop or slow down the process of hair loss except for alopecia disease. Because food habits can’t recur any disease. It only requires proper treatments.

    Eating habits certainly improve hair fall and slow down the hair fall rate also. On the other hand, some good food items increase hair growth.

    Reasons for hair fall

    Firstly we need to understand the reasons for hair fall. Then we will realize whether food habits or eating habits can slow down hair fall. So, let’s see the reasons for hair fall from down below.

    • Aging 

    Usually, after 30 years, everyone starts to lose hair. It’s a normal procedure. We don’t need to be worried about that kind of hair fall. However, pressure and bad food habits cause hair fall before 30 years of age.

    • Genetic

    Genetically so many people lose hair. It’s also kind of a normal process of losing hair. Alopecia is the result of a genetic cause. People generally get this disease from their ancestors.

    • Tension 

    Stress and high-pressure life are also the main reasons for losing lots of hair daily. In that process, you might not lose all the hair, but a tremendous amount of hair will lose from your scalp. If you don’t take necessary action timely, then you may lose a large section of hair.

    Apart from those main reasons some secondary causes are also there. Excessive use of shampoo, taking high-power medicines, and wrong food habits sometimes cause hair fall at a rapid rate. 

    Is it possible to stop hair immediately with healthy eating habits?

    From the previous section, it’s clear that all kinds of hair fall can’t be stopped immediately with only healthy food habits. General hair fall reduction is possible with the help of some foods. Especially, foods that contain ingredients for hair growth can help amazingly to stop hair fall immediately. 

    Stop hair fall immediately by good foods.
    Picture: Hair fall

    To understand the process we need to know the ingredients that make hair stronger resulting in slowing down hair fall rate. Taking those food items surely going to help the hair fall. 

    What to eat and drink to stop hair fall immediately

    Yes, some foods have the source of providing enough nutrition to support hair growth. More importantly, consuming these food items surely slows down the rate of hair fall. Let’s see the list of foods to eat to stop hair fall immediately.

    A food chart is showing what to eat to stop hair fall immediately.

    Food Name Ingredients 
    EggCalories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, sugar, protein.
    Oats Manganese, phosphorus, copper, vitamin B1, Iron, selenium, and Zinc.
    Spinach Calcium, Calories, protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, micrograms, and folate. 
    Carrots Water, carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, ash, fat. 
    Avocado Dietary fiber, sugar, potassium, sodium, magnesium, vitamin A, Vitamin C, E, K1, B-6
    Embolic myrobalanAscorbic acid, ellagitannins, emblicanin, ellagic acid, gallic acid, phyllanemblinin A.
    Meat Protein, fat, connective tissue, and exudate.
    Kiwi Potassium, copper vitamin K, folate, vitamin E, and fat.
    Prunes Vitamin K, water, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and protein. 
    Food chart: Stop hair fall

    Generally, protein-supplying food items help hair growth. Here in this list most of the food items have a supply of enough vitamins and minerals that immediately helps to control hair fall. 


    The egg is a great source of protein and carbohydrates. Which makes hair strong from the inside. The supply of protein usually makes hair stronger. The effect of egg hair growth also increases. 

    An egg is the most common and easily gettable source of protein on earth. Moreover, this food item is very less expensive too.

    Antonio Gustavo 

    If someone lacks energy and strength then he should try oats. That food item is a great source of vitamins and fatty acids. Which also contains dietary fibers. 


    This vegetable item contains vitamins A and C. which helps to increase hair growth. Alternatively, it reduces hair falling and makes skin more attractive.


    In the fourth position, we placed carrots. This vegetable item works for your skin, eyes, and hair. The supply of vitamin A helps hair to maintain a top level of growth rate.


    The fruit is mainly used for making hair oil and skin oil. Generally, the price of original Avocado hair oil is high. And the source of intact avocado is rare on earth.

    Embolic myrobalan 

    In ancient Buddhism, the mention of this fruit item is a lot. This raw fruit helps to get back skin and hair in proper condition. If you drink a glass of embolic juice daily that is enough to make you stronger.


    Every type of meat contains lots of proteins. And we have already known that proteins help a lot in hair growth and slow down hair falls too.


    This item is rare on earth. In Particular, you will get it from New Zealand and some other countries. The kiwi tree is dangerous to the earth’s soil. It takes lots of water to provide fruits. However, this fruit is very good for health. Specifically, it works to increase hair growth.


    Lastly, we are mentioning your prunes. Without mentioning this item the list would have been unfinished. This fruit item is also the beneficiary of hair growth and stops hair fall immediately. 

    If you take those items daily and eat properly surely you will see an immediate impact on your hair and skin.

    However, take assistance from hair specials too. Good food item surely comes with a positive impact. But the main key is to keep the balance of consuming those food items. That’s why specialist assistance is a must. 

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