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5 shaved hairstyles for women

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    The shaved hairstyles for women is also known as chelsea haircut. It’s a haircut that results from shaving or cutting hairs of the head and leaving a fringe hair on the side part of the head or above the ears.

    Both black and white women love to do shaved hairstyles. Especially in the American region this hairdo is so common. Here in today’s writing we will share all the details of the shaved hairstyles with you. Let’s move forward to view the details.

    Pixie undercutting hair

    Dyed Undercut hairdo

    Shorn and reborn hairstyle

    Mushroom cut with undercutting hair setup

    Picture credit: Pinterest

    My personal experience with shaved hairstyles

    I always have good looking hair. Yes, I am a little bit selective with my hairdo. Maybe you already know that from my previously written posts.

    I saw the shaved hairstyle on a woman at my birthday party. Later I got to know that she was my aunt. I got so attracted to that style and I asked her about the fashionable side shaved twist hair cut. 

    I replied to all my questions gently. While talking with her, I hardly saw other things apart from her beautiful hairdo. 

    After two weeks of knowing the style, I went to the salon near my house. The hairstyle achiever showed me some examples first. Then I chose the Side shaved afro hairstyle. You can see the model of my haircut from the below example.

    I loved that hairstyle, as it is so simple and has an afro mohawk shape over the scalp. I used to attend many top party functions with that particular one.

    I got higher appreciation for having the love symbol on my haircut. Moreover, I added burgundy hair color on my hair. That also helped to make my hairdo much more attractive.

    Overall, my journey with a shaved hairstyle was so amazing. I kept the same haircut for 6 months just before taking a new haircut.

    Here in this post, I have shared my experience about that hair makeup. If you are inspired enough then you can choose any one from those given examples.

    Well, don’t forget to share your experience with us. You can use the comment box, or the given email address to reach us quickly.

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