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Is Ocean Water Good for Your Hair?

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    When the last time, you went to the beach? and didn’t jumped into the fresh water of the ocean. The truth is you did jumped in the ocean water without any hesitation. You didn’t thought for once what the after effect of ocean water that might be seen on your skin and hair.

    Specially, the affect of salty water on your natural hair raises some questions. You can’t directly say the Ocean water dangerous of good for natural hair. Generally, ocean water forms with salty minerals. This salty water is a mixer of different types of ingredients. That’s why you can’t directly come to any conclusion about the effect of salty or ocean water.

    Therefore, in this post we will understand about the ingredients of salty water. With that we will come into a conclusion of using effect of Ocean water on natural hair.

    The ingredients of the Ocean water

    To understand the effect, we need to understand the ingredients of ocean water first. Then we will know the cause and effect of this water.

    Basically, the ocean water contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and many more. Also it has the salty water has dirt’s, vessels oils and other dangerous things too.

    Sea of the different parts of the world has some changes. All beaches are not same and even all the ocean water are not same. However, the deep water condition of the sea remains same in every parts of the world.

    is ocean water good for your hair-decision

    All those ingredients we have mentioned in the previous part, are good for human skin and hair. However, naturally curly hair holder’s may face some problems from the heavy salty effect on their natural hair. Usally, the ocean water has positive effect on humans hair.

    But to get the good benefits of the Ocean water, you need to clean yourself with fresh water. By washing with clean normal water the dangerous things of the ocean water will be washed away.

    Moreover, if you shampoo your natural hair more positive impacts comes on your natural hair. The hair will be much stronger then the normal condition.

    The effect of Ocean water on natural hair

    The ocean water makes the hair stronger from inside. You scalp will be cleaned by the salt effect. To clean up cleanly wash hair with shampoo.

    Root of the natural hair becomes more stronger. Unnecessary hair parts gets diminishes easily. Died hair and damaged hair also gets uprooted by the effect of the sea water.

    Natural hair gets proper vitamins and minerals from the ocean water. But you need to clean your hair properly after washing with ocean water. Otherwise, sea water could be troublesome for your hair. Also don’t stay on the ocean water for longer period. It can be a the reason of rash and hair lose.

    Finally, we can say that the sea water is good for natural hair. But, you require to maintain the basic rules too. Even with the cleaning and washing with regular water after swimming in the ocean some people may face problems on their hair.

    They might have sculp issue from the past. So, careful about the situation too. If you consider every sides you will find positive result for your natural hair, from swimming on the sea water.

    Many people also uses the water of the Dead sea to treat their skin and hair. As, the percent of the salt in the Dead sea is very much, hair specialist considers that water good for natural hair. But, swimming in the Dead sea for a longer period could be harmful for your skin and hair too.

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