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A Diary of Invisible Locs Hairstyle

    Protective hairstyle
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    With my natural black hair, I was doing different types of styles. I wasn’t quite settle, until doing the invisible locs hairstyle on me. I saw the invisible locs hairstyle on my cousin’s wedding.

    A young girl came to the wedding party with that hairdo. Suddenly, I didn’t picked up the hairdo she was carrying. Or, may be I haven’t found any differences in between invisible locs and general locs. Although it took me a little time to pick, after a short peace of time I wasn’t get over her beautiful hair setting.

    Then I directly talked with her. And get to know more details. She shared her own story of invisible locs. The reason why she styled in this one. Everything was so interesting.

    The I determined that my next hairdo will be the invisible locs.

    What is Invisible locs hairstyle

    Before jumping to the details, you need to know the definition of the invisible locs. The invisible locs are a kind of faux locs starts from the core of the hair root.

    Don’t mix the invisible locs with crochet locs either. The invisible locs begins by properly twisting down the natural hair with adding feed-in extensions from very near of the roots. The the locs get the same shape just like other locs.

    My thoughts on Invisible locs hairstyle

    This is a combination of flat twists and faux locs. That’s why more natural hair stylish woman tends to move with this stylish hair set up.

    The technique of doing the invisible locs is way more modern compared to other locs. Surprisingly, it’s a low maintainance style with long lasting ability. Unlike some other protective hairdos, the invisible locs looks more natural too.

    My personal experience with the invisible locs is magnificent. I have attended on numerous functions with it. In almost all occasions I crowed attention only because of my unusual classic hairdo.

    Therefore, I have decided to carry this hairdo for next couple of months too until I get more glowing hairdo than this.

    Ideas of invisible locs hairstyle

    Here I have collected 4 attractive invisible locs hairstyles for the readers. Who ever reading this paper, will get crystal clear idea about this locs hairdo from the image collection.

    Long invisible locs

    Medium invisible locs

    Bob invisible locs hairstyle

    Short invisible locs

    How to do invisible locs hairstyle

    Personally, I will recommend you to watch a tutorial video from YouTube to do it easily. To make your invisible locs journey more soothing I am sharing the easy steps too.

    • Clean and wash your hair.
    • Use dividing tools to divide your natural hair into four different sections. And start to make parts from the center with attaching two sections on one.
    • With a combination of two parted hair, complete each sections.
    • To get more grip on your twisted hair, add some high quality long lasting hair get.
    • You can also use hair clip on the begin to make the parts more secured and well divided.

    If you are a first timer, I will suggest you to take help from experts who can help you to achieve invisible locs hairstyle easily.

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