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How Long Does Bleached Hair Last? Details

    Bleached hair lasting ability.
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    Bleaching is an aging process to lighten hair color using chemical reagents. This is a practice of hair coloring where the bleach can be used by mixing with a hair toner.

    Hair bleach strips away the protein and melanin that lighten the hair pigment to give a light shade to your dark hair. After bleaching, this is the common question how long does bleached hair last?

    Many facts rely on the bleaching of your hair, and today, we will briefly discuss these facts and queries for your convenience.

    Adding artificial things on natural hair, destoryes the original picture of the natural hair. Therefore, be aware about using chemical products.

    Hairstyle Laboratory Report.

    What Is Bleach For Hair?

    Hair bleach is a procedure to lighten the hair color, and it’s a process for a long time. Traditionally, bleaching the main ingredients of hair bleach is hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite bleach.

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    Most commercial hair bleaches contain these two ingredients, and industrial bleaches work by letting reduction and oxidation. However, bleaching can be done automatically by sun exposure without using bleach.

    How Does Hair Bleach Work On Hair?

    As bleaching is a chemical process that occurs in the oxidation of your hair, there is no denying that bleach can damage your hair. During the oxidation, it strips the pigment of your hair and lightens the shade of your dark hair. It is nearly impossible to light your hair permanently without using bleach.

    Remember, the longer the bleaching period, the more the pigment differs depending on hair colors and types, so it might not be the same shade for everyone.

    Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels

    It also doesn’t hide that your hair will fall in damage, and the bondage will be broken when you use bleach on your hair. Additionally, keep in mind that no peroxide-free bleach has been made, so it will indeed cause some damage to your hair.

    How Long Does Bleached Hair Last?

    Image: Simple Most

    There is no particular explanation to this query regarding the lasting of bleaching hair. The last of the hair bleach varies from person to person as everyone has a different type of hair and shades.

    If you bleach on light-colored hair, it will be more long-lasting than bleaching on dark hair. So, it depends on the hair color and the type of hair you also have.

    As you already know, bleach strips away the melanin and pigment from your hair that it can’t restore. This is why bleach is a semi-permanent or permanent process that lasts permanently on your hair. It can’t revive the shades you’re getting after bleaching so it will last longer for the whole period of hair.

    The bleaching process is permanent, and you must admit it before or already bleach your hair. However, to get rid of your bleached hair to back normal hair, you need to let it grow the hair, and it’ll be back by that time.

    However, you may see in advertising that bleaching won’t damage your hair as it’s free of peroxide. Don’t be a fool believing these ads of peroxide-free bleaching as there is no free of peroxide bleaching made for commercial purposes.

    How Long Does Hair Bleach Last After Mixing?

    The peroxide can last 6-12 months, but the main bleach in the mixture doesn’t last long. The blend should be utilized within 20-30 minutes after mixing the hair bleach. However, that can use the combination within 24 hours if it combines the correct amount of water and bleach.

    Does Bleaching Your Hair Make It Thin?

    Bleaching your hair may cause protein loss and strip away pigment and melanin from your hair. This is the reason for damaging the hair, such as breaking the bonds, increasing the breakage rate, rough edges, etc.

    Studies have shown that bleaching doesn’t thin the hair much, but it may cause hair loss for some time. However, the imbalance of the bleaching mixture may cause thinning of the hair.

    In conclusion, we recall that bleaching your hair is a permanent process, so you must be aware before thinking about it. If you whiten your hair but want to get rid of damaging the hair, then all you can do is just let the hair grow out as you can’t wash the bleach as you want. So, think twice and be aware when you want to bleach your hair because it’s permanent.

    FAQs about Bleaching Hair
    How Long Does Hair Dye Last With Bleach?

    With bleach, the hair dye works amazingly to lighten the tone and permanently lighten the hair. If you use hair dye with bleach, it will last longer, even though there’s a high possibility that it will last forever until the hair grows.

    How Long Does Hair Dye Last Without Bleach?

    The last of hair dye depends on which paint you’re using on your hair. Some dyer lasts for one week, some last for one to three months, and others last for two years. However,  keep in mind that without bleaching your hair, the dye won’t work to lighten the hair. 

    Can I Bleach My Hair Again After 3 Months?

    It would be best if you didn’t repeatedly bleach within a short period. Bleach causes damage to your hair, so bleaching hair after three months isn’t always a good idea.

    How Long Do I Wait To Bleach My Hair Again?

    You can’t bleach your hair again immediately after already on your bleached hair. Yet, it depends on the hair type and color you’re having currently. To avoid more risks, you must wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks or 8 to 10 weeks for better output.

    Is Bleaching Your Hair Permanent?

    The answer, in short, is ‘YES.’ Bleaching permanently your hair until it grows from the root. However, sometimes it may do semi-permanent that also lasts for a more extended period.

    Does Bleached Hair Grow Slower?

    This is a tricky question because growing hair depends from hair to hair. Bleaching strips the protein from the hair and breaks the bond, which may cause slower hair growth. However, the average growth rate for bleached hair is 1cm per month, and the fast gainer’s hair growth rate is a maximum of 1.5cm per month, so yes, it might slow the growth rate.

    Can I Add Bleach To the Hair Dye?

    If you’re using hair dye to lighten your hair from a deep color, then you can add bleach to hair dye. Remember that adding bleach to your hair dye may lighten the shade, but it causes damage to your hair.

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