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Lucille Ball Hairstyle – Retro and Modern Vibe

    Nice hairdo of Lucille Ball
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    Lucille Ball was a late American actress who passed away on April 26, 1989. During her acting career, Lucille Ball had an Iconic hairstyle with a modern vibe. This vintage hairstyle of Lucille Ball was at the top of the craze and popular among style-seeking women.

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    This iconic hairstyle was one of the most performed hairstyles throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s with flame-red dyed hair. 

    What was the name of Lucille ball’s hairstyle? Well, the hairstyle was Lucille had a French hairstyle. The name of the Lucille Ball hairstyle was “The Poodle”; to be specific, the French poodle was the signature hairdo of Lucille Ball.

    So, today we’re going to show you the tutorial on how to have the beautiful hairstyle of Lucille Ball. Stay with us until the last to see some beautiful hairstyle ideas from Lucy.

    Lucille Ball’s hairdo is so popular. All hairdo of her, creates craze to the public and her fan. Moreover, in separate hairdo, her facial attraction always there.

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    How To Do Lucille Ball Hairstyle with Tutorial

    Doing the Lucille Ball hairstyle is pretty easy if you have naturally curly hair. It doesn’t mean you must be a redhead as you can simply dye your hair flame red from brunette or brown. To perform this vintage poodle hairstyle, you must be cautious about the pin settings of the curl.

    To start the poodle style, you must create some rectangular parts on the top of the head, four pins with three rows. After that, you may create some waves around the sides and make some rows around the pins. However, you may create a directional vertical curls row of pins and another two opposite directional rows of pins.

    You may use a scarf while sleeping if you are not taking any risk of messing it up. Finally, you have to open up the pin curls from the sides. Remember, don’t open up the pins first from the top of the head to avoid mixing with the side hairs. Brush up the sides, let the pin curls open, and lightly brush with your finger to look like a poodle hairstyle. 

    A bunch of Lucille ball Hairstyles to Perform

    As you already know, Lucille Ball had an iconic red poodle hairdo, but she also tried some modified versions of the poodle. Here are some of the Lucille Ball hairdos you should watch out though it’s an old hairstyle.

    Lucille Ball Blonde Hairdo

    This Lucy hairstyle isn’t that common, but she tried this blonde hairstyle often throughout her career. She appeared with a mixture of light orange and deep platinum blonde hair and her famous French poodle hairstyle.

    Image Source: Pinterest

    Lucille Ball Strawberry Hairstyle

    This hairstyle was named strawberry blonde after Lucille mixed her hairstyle with flame red and platinum blonde. This strawberry hairstyle was created on the base of a poodle hairstyle where there was a low bun on the bottom of the backside.

    Image Source: Pinterest

    Lucille Ball Popularized Curly Hair

    Lucille Ball became more famous when she tried this French poodle hairstyle and created a craze among her fans and followers during this time. This is the popularized hairstyle of Lucille Ball; she gave a dimension to the do in the 50s and indicated as a supermodel with this beautiful hairstyle.

    Lucille Ball popularized Hairstyle
    Image Source: Pinterest

    Lucille Ball Poodle Hair

    This is the poodle hairstyle of Lucille Ball that we’re talking about from the beginning of this post. However, the origin of the poodle haircut is from France, and this hairstyle was popularized by the 50s craze when she kept a little bang along with the poodle.

    Lucille Ball Hairstyle
    Image Source:

    Lucille Ball Red Flame Hairdo

    She wasn’t a redhead by nature, but she turned her core hairstyle into a flame-red hairstyle. This red flame-highlighted hairstyle was styled on a base of the famous poodle hairstyle, where she looked gorgeous.

    Lucille Ball Red Flame Hairstyle
    Image Source: Twitter

    In concussion, if we recall, there are lots of popular hairdos performed by Lucille Ball from the base poodle hairstyle. The iconic poodle hairstyle will never forget as a great hairstyle of the 40s and 50s. If you want to try this out, follow the tutorial and look like the beautiful Lucille Ball with her poodles.

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