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8 Lesser-Known hair growth oil benefits Onion Oil.

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    Hair fall is more common among men than women. It dents their confidence as they see their hair falling out every day and leaves them scared about the eventuality (of becoming bald).

    So, most people resort to using various hair care products– but sometimes, it provides quality nutrition from a safe and nourishing hair oil. One smart way is to opt for the safe and best hair growth oil benefits.

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    Dust, grime, pollution, exposure to UV rays, a sedentary lifestyle, poor habits, and the use of heating tools have weakened our hair health. While some medical conditions may require a deeper analysis, treating the issue with safe and gentle means is still important.

    Always aviod chemical products use on your natural hair. Such products is so dangarous and causes long term damage on your scalp.

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    You may spend hundreds of bucks in a salon, get the right supplements, and spend money on practical details, but you still cannot overlook the importance of nourishing hair oil.

    Regularly putting hair growth oil benefits in the hair is a tradition that offers more shine to your hair, accelerates hair regrowth, and maintains its health.

    This is why our grandmothers used to give us an oil massage every week. We all loved it back then, and how we wish to get those days back. It was a token of pure love and attention we received from our elderly. 

    Well, oiling has its benefits in hair care regimens. Adopting weekly massage practices helps treat many hair care woes and ensures better and healthier growth. In addition, massaging also relieves stress by improving blood circulation to the scalp. 

    So, in this blog, we will share some qualified information about how beneficial scalp massage is with onion oil for hair. Also, we will share our favorite pick from the brand Mamaearth. Its onion care range- Onion hair shampoo is what makes people go gaga over it. 

    Let’s get started!

    8 benefits of using onion hair oil

    Here are the 8 onion oil benefits you need to know before investing in a good onion hair oil. 

    1. Fights infections

    This kitchen ingredient is enriched with antimicrobial properties to prevent chemicals, oils, and DHT on your scalp from building up. It prevents bacterial growth so your hair does not become lifeless and damaged. Reducing infections makes your hair stronger. 

    1. Reverse free radicals damage

    Onion is also rich in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. These versatile compounds reverse the free radicals damage in the body. And doing so slows down the aging process. It also prevents premature graying, makes hair stronger, and accelerates new hair growth. Regularly using onion oil for hair facilitates glutathione production, an enzyme that brings down catalase levels within the hair follicles.

    1. Boosts hair growth oil benefits

    This potential ingredient even boosts hair growth. Massaging your head with onion hair oil can also reverse hair fall by activating enzymes on the scalp and resulting in hair regrowth. Also, being rich in sulfur and potassium, onion is regarded as the most important ingredient for healthy hair. 

    1. Gives you lustrous hair

    It brings on shine to lifeless and dull hair. Yes, most of you may not know this benefit as invigorated by onion oil. But this incredibly powerful ingredient offers shine and volume to the hair. For deep conditioning, rinse off your hair with onion shampoo and use an onion conditioner to get long and long healthy tresses for real. 

    1. Treats Split ends

    Split ends say a lot about your hair health. Lifeless and dull hair often leads to breakage. 

    Thankfully, you can address this issue by cutting your hair every six to eight weeks. But onion oil for hair has a role in reducing dry and frizzy hair. Its nourishing ingredients help you tame unmanageable hair and dull ends. 

    1. Boosts blood circulation

    Hair massage is the best way to boost blood circulation to the scalp. Pouring some onion oil into the hair brings circulation to the hair follicles, thereby encouraging hair growth. In addition, hair massaging is yet another way to relieve stress from the mind and body. 

    1. Maintains scalp’s pH level

    For your scalp to feel nourished and promote healthy growth, its pH level should be well-balanced. This is where onion oil can be backed upon as it revitalizes the hair follicles without stripping the essential oils.

    1. Works on all hair types

    Onion oil works on all hair types, be it dry or frizzy or on the scalp that has lost a bunch of hair. Its job is to soften hair and maintain its shine. However, if you have an oily scalp, use it in a limited amount. 

    Which is the best onion oil for hair?

    We asked different influencers about their take on the best onion hair oil for hair growth. Mamaearth is the brand that has topped the list, and it’s our favorite as well. Its Onion Care Range has shown promising results on dull and unmanageable hair. In addition, Mamaearth has proven beneficial for new hair growth and combating hair loss. 

    If you want your tresses to be stronger, shinier, and smoother, you also need to try Mamaearth Onion hair Shampoo for growth. Packed with Redensyl and Castor Oil ingredients, Mamaearth Onion Oil for hair can help you have the best results with your home-based hair care plans.

    Other ingredients used in this oil include:

    • Amla Oil: Amla needs no introduction to hair care. This old-age traditional ingredient prevents premature gray and improves hair texture. It is rich in iron, a key ingredient that helps make the hair black and denser.
    • Almond Oil: Almond oil is a pack of nutrients for the hair. It is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Phospholipids, Vitamin E, and Magnesium to nourish your hair and strengthen them. Using almond oil and onion oil for hair is a proven formula for dry hair. 

    Summing up

    Massaging your scalp with onion oil can be extremely effective if you know how to do it right. We hope this guide helps you get healthy hair with the powers of onion oil. A good onion hair oil also prevents hair loss in the first place, making your hair thicker and voluminous.

    We recommend using Onion Oil for hair growth oil benefits because it has natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals or toxins.

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