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Fantasia Hairstyles – 15 Dashing Ideas

    Nice hairdo of Fantasia Barrino
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    Fantasia Monique Barrino-Tylor is an American singer famously known by her mononym Fantasia. She has a successful career in music but she is a part-time actress also.

    Fantasia Barrino is a style-conscious-minded lady that she proved lots of time off and on the screen. Throughout the stage performances, TV shows, and award ceremonies, Fantasia appeared with several gorgeous hairstyles.

    Furthermore, there are a large number of hairstyles Fantasia performed during her live shows. There are some of the signature hairstyles of Fantasia has been created a craze among African American women.

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    Starting from teenagers to middle-aged women with short hair, have tried the Fantasia hairstyle at least once.

    Fantasia Barrino has been seen with lots of fashionable hairdos for the last 20 years. All are unique and equally gorgeous short hairstyles. To be more specific, a short pixie haircut is signature hairstyle of Fantasia.

    Fantasia Barrino alawys leads a good life. Therefore, she has become a great example of fame and beauty at the same time.

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    Here, we have covered all of the short haircuts of Fantasia along with other elegant hairdos.

    Fantasia Short Hairstyles

    Fantasia Barrino amazingly styled her hair with lots of different hairdos throughout her career. If we have to be more specific, the different variant of pixie haircuts on short hairstyle is the iconic hairdos of Fantasia.

    She did a lot of variations with her short hairstyle especially when she appeared at public events. She looks so beautiful with the short hairstyle that expressed her more fashionable.

    However, here are some of the signature hairstyles of Fantasia to look at.

    Short Pixie Hairstyle

    Pixie cut hairstyle is one of the most iconic hairdos for Fantasia. This short pixie hairstyle is a hot hairstyle where Fantasia always looks amazing.

    Short-Sided Up Front

    The upfront hairstyle is nothing new for Fantasia Barrino. This is a summer short haircut with black hair where she looks more appealing.

    Side Forward with Undercut

    Undercut is very common for Fantasia where she did a bunch of different hairstyles in a combination with an undercut. This site forward short hairstyle is so simple but she looks wonderful.

    Fantasia Mohawk Hairstyle

    Who doesn’t love mohawk? This mohawk cut is the trademark hairstyle of Fantasia and she looks extremely gorgeous with this beautiful hairstyle.

    Fantasia Fairy Hairstyles

    The fairy hairstyle of Fantasia got a craze among teenagers and African American women around the world. These brown highlights made the hairstyle more beautiful.

    Short Hair with Swoop Bang

    Side bang or side-swept bang or swoop bang whatever you say, it’s the perfect match with the short hairstyle of Fantasia with an elegant outlook.

    Fantasia Mushroom Hairstyle

    This a mushroom hairstyle of Fantasia where the frontal hair appeared like a mushroom and the rest of the hair remained as undercut or very short hair.

    Brown Highlighted Fantasia Short Hair Styles

    This short hairstyle is kind of a bang hairstyle where the frontal hair appears throughout the forehead. A few brown highlights made the hairstyle more stylish.

    Very Short Pixie Cut Hair

    Fantasia loves pixie cut hairstyle and this very short pixie is one of her favorite hairdos. With this hairstyle, fantasia looks simply beautiful and this is an ideal hairstyle for the summer.

    Short Boycut Hairstyle

    Having a hairstyle like a boy cut is like a regular day in the office for Fantasia. This hairstyle is so simple and fashionable that everyone must love it.

    Fantasia Weave Styles

    The weave style hairdo is the early day hairstyle of Fantasia where she looks more dashing and stylish e, especially with this black hair.

    Side Bang with Blonde Undercut

    The blonde undercut is signature haircut for Fantasia. She tried lots of hairstyles with a mixture of blonde undercut and all of the styles are equally amazing like this.

    Fantasia Barrino Hairstyles

    Other than that, Fantasia Barrino tried some of the different hairstyles along with short hairstyles. These might not be her signature and iconic hairstyle of her but as beautiful short hairstyles.

    Here are some different haircuts of Fantasia Barrino to watch out for.

    Mid-parted Long Hair

    The long hairstyle is very rare for Fantasia as most of the time she appeared with her signature short hairstyle. This long hairstyle is very common but she looks hotter and cute with this mid-parted long hair.

    Black & Brown Highlights

    Fantasia loves brown highlights and she tried lots of brown hairstyles where she looked wonderfully fashionable. This dual-toned hairstyle with the midpart is amazing.

    Fantasia Curly Hairstyle

    Fantasia doesn’t wear a curly hairstyle always but when she does, she makes sure that the hairstyle should be amazing like this amazing hairstyle.

    In conclusion, there was a lot of variety in Fantasia’s hairstyle where she appeared differently with some iconic short haircuts. Even though she looks amazing with long hairstyles also but there has created a craze among her fans and followers.

    If you’re style-conscious women who want to try something different with short hair then the hairstyles of Fantasia would be a perfect idea for you.

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