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Tight Braids Facts; Why You Should It?

    Compress braid
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    Braids are amazing, isn’t it? The braiding hairstyle is one of the most popular and protective hairstyles for women for a long time. Braids will give you nice-looking a look that you can’t deny, just see yourself in the mirror after doing a braid.

    You can make your braids awesome by doing three different types of braids- tight tension braids, medium tension braids, and loosen tension braids. However, today we will discuss the facts about tight braids.

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    Tight braids are getting trendy daily among African American women who have less time for maintaining hairstyles. This braided hairstyle is a low-maintenance hairdo that suits women who don’t want to spend time on hairstyles.

    So, we’re gonna lead you to a short guide that will help you to get some idea about this kind of protective hairdo.

    Making tight braids is dangerous for natural hair. If you do the task with synthetic hair, then it is no issue. We recommend loosening braids for natural hair.

    Hairstyle Laboratory Report.

    How To Do Tight Braids

    These tightened braids are very easy to do if you have the basic idea to do a braid. There are no specific rules or types of tightened braids, it’s all about your preferences. It can be done with your regular braids just follow the simple instruction.

    Photo by Tomaz Barcellos

    First, you have to select a braiding style to make it tight. It’s completely fine if you want to do it with your existing braids. Tightly twist the strands to make braids and stretch the braids toward the bottom side. You can use rubber bands to make it tighter according to your preference.

    Tight Braids Problems

    Although, the tightly braided style may seem gorgeous but tight braids have some limitations and major problems you can’t ignore. There are several problems you may face if you have a tightly braided hairdo including headaches, scalp sores, immense pain, itching, bumps, and many more.

    Besides, it can damage your hair follicles and damage hair by increasing the breakage rate. So, if you want to avoid these problems you should avoid tightening your braids.

    Why You Should Loosen Your Tight Braids?

    There are many problems with having a tightly braided hairstyle including some major problems. You should loosen your braids which are very tightened to avoid hair follicle damage. It increases the breakage rate that damages your hair all the way and tight braids cause hair loss.

    Other than that, tightened braids have some negative impacts on your head you should know. Tightened braids can cause serious headaches regularly. You may suffer immense pain in the scalp and scalp soreness. Additionally, you have to face scalp itching and bumps which are very irritating.

    So, if you want to avoid these problems then there is a way that loosens your tight braids.

    How To Loosen Tight Braids

    So, you already know about the bad impact of tightened braids that is harmful to you. If you want to loosen your tightened braids, here are some of the popular and effective ways to do it. Let’s see with our hairstyle specialist to do it with ease.


    The process to loosen tight braids instantly?
    • Let your braids on warm water and use a leave-in conditioner to avoid scalp sores. You can instantly use some soothing oil to avoid itching. However, instantly it can’t loosen the braids properly. 
    How to sleep with tight braids?
    • Sleep with the tightened braids isn’t so easy but you have to follow the tip to do it. You can use a silk hair wrap to protect your hair.
    How to loosen tight braids overnight?
    • Wash your braids with warm water before sleeping. Then apply some tension sprays or soothing oil to your braids and leave it rest of the night.
    Does braiding promote hair growth?

    However, if you still have a fascination with tightened braids and looking for ideas to do it, here are some ideas for you. You can follow the ideas to wear beautiful tightened braids. You should keep in mind that you never do it for a long time.

    Let’s see some of the dashing tightened braids ideas to rock on.

    Tight Braids For Short Hair
    French Braids
    Source: Pinterest
    Tight Dutch Braids
    dutch tight braids
    Source: Pinterest
    Tight Box Braids
    Tight Knotless Braids

    In conclusion, compressed braids might be a stylish hairstyle but it is not the ideal one for a regular hairstyle. Some major issues with tightened braids are why you should always keep loosening your beautiful braids to avoid harm.

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