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Jamal Adams Haircut – Is It A trendy One?

    Jamal Adam's short hairdo
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    Jamal Adams is a popular young American Football player who plays in NFL for Seattle Seahawks. Jamal Adams might not have many glamorous haircuts to impress the fans but he surely got something in his haircut.

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    He is not that style-concerned guy but has a decent haircut all the time. But yes, he maintained a decent signature haircut on the pitch and off the pitch. So, today we gonna see the top Jamal Adams hairdo to style up like Jamal.

    Firstly, Jamal Adam has a black afro haircut that is so simple to style up. This afro haircut is sometimes voluminous and sometimes very short like traditional afro haircuts. However, Jamal Adams has appeared with two major haircuts.

    These are side-shaved afro haircuts and very short afro haircuts. He got kinky hair for doing hairstyles and he made it perfectly. Jamal’s headband style got popular also along with a short-sided haircut.

    So, our hairstyle specialist Luna from Hairstyle Laboratory will discuss this classic afro hairstyle of Jamal Adams.

    I recommend the short hairdo of Jamal Adams. To get the idea you can follow the immediate image from the next segment. It’s an easy and attractive hairdo and fittable for different occasions.

    Luna Sonath

    Jamal Adams Bowl Haircut

    Jamal Adams Bowl Haircut
    Source: Pinterest

    The bowl haircut of Jamal Adam’s got recognition all over the world. From different parts, younger following his trendy bowl hairdo.

    Mainly this hairdo is easy to main. That could be the reason for liking this hairdo. If you add fresh color to the frontal upper side of the hair, the style will look more attractive.

    Jamal Adams Afro Style

    Source: Pinterest

    Jamal Adams Short Afro

    Jamal Adams short afro Haircut
    Source: Pinterest
    Jamal Adams Headband Style
    Source: Pinterest
    Jamal Adams Side Shaved Kinky Haircut
    Source: Pinterest

    In conclusion, we can see Jamal Adams’s haircut has some variations with a stylish outlook. The afro cut has been a signature haircut for Jamal during his professional career. If you’re a fan of Jamal Adams or liked the haircut he appears with then this is for you.

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