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Clytie Raw Indian Curly Hair Bundles – A Perfect Deal?

    Raw Indian Curly Hair
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    About Clytie Natural Indian Curly Hair Bundles

    This Clytie Natural Raw Indian Curly Hair Bundles Unprocessed Virgin Cuticle Aligned Human Weft Extensions is one of the most common and used extensions around the corner. This is 100% raw Indian temple hair with pure healthy unprocessed human hair. This hair extension is very durable that can last up to 3 years throughout the period it can be dyed, and styled with any preference.

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    Ingredients of Clytie Indian Curly Hair

    Raw human hair, Raw temple hair, Pure healthy unprocessed hair.

    Top Feature of Clytie Indian Curly Hair

    100% pure and raw human hair which is unprocessed temple hair.


    • 100% raw and pure hair.
    • Less Shedding.
    • Double weft.
    • Enough durable to do any hairstyle.
    • No Tangling.
    • Can last for 3 years.
    • Can be colored, straighten if needed.


    • It may look like processed hair.

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    Why you should have Clytie Raw Indian Curly Hair Bundles?

    If you’re looking for some beautiful hair extension then this is for you. This natural Indian Curly hair lasts for up to 3 years which is very longer than other hair extensions. You can even dye and straighten this soft natural Indian curly hair if you want.

    Short Details of Indian Curly Hair

    Brand: Clytie

    Hair Type: Curly

    Material: Human Hair

    Color: Black, Brown

    Installation Type: Sew-In

    How to Install Raw Indian Curly Hair?

    You have to follow the Sew-In method to install the Indian curly hair.

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    FAQs about Clytie Natural Indian Curly Hair Bundles
    • Can Indian curly hair be straightened?
    • Yes, you Can straighten the hair.
    • Can natural Indian curly hair be dyed?
    • Yes, you can dye this hair.

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