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10 trending afro dreads ideas for Black men

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    Afro-dreads need some fascinating styling ideas to rock on the current circumstances we are in. We do believe the hairstyle laboratory has the best collection of ideas for various uncommon hairdos.

    Just like that, I am Ricky Bennet, a hair specialist currently working in a hairstyle laboratory and has deep research on afro dreads hair.

    Today I am here with you to share all my essential knowledge about this very specific topic, to make your hairdo dream come true.

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    Well, just before jumping to the pond let me remind you that this post only contains images or examples for male people. In another different post, we will focus on the afro dreads of women’s hairstyles. So, sorry for now, and go ahead to see the fascinating examples.  

    The dread hairstyle is a special one for a philosophical. This hairdo is mostly known as dead hairs in the Indian subcontinent. As it is a hairdresser for the Indian sadhus only.

    What is afro dreads hair?

    Afro dreads are the natural dread hair of African regions. Yes, we are talking about the dreads hair of African people. Such dreadlocks hairdo has been running for ages in that part of the world. Day by day the practice of doing dreadful hair has flourished throughout the world. 

    The traditional way of doing dreadlocks with African natural hair is known as afro dreads hair. We have seen people are not careful about their natural hair. The curly nature of hair automatically creates tight locks on the separate parts. For that reason, my suggestion is not to go in favor of Afro dreads.

    Afro dreads fade 

    Colored afro dreads hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Here the most attractive part is the wavy fade line. Such a way of doing fads only spotted on real fade hairdos. The secondary attractive part is the Mohawk dreads hair setup. I like this rare combination. 

    Afro dreads taper 

    Unmanaged afro hairdo
    Source: Pinterest

    That hairdo is only suitable for trendy people. I have never tried this one at any stage of my life. However, any youth out there can go for this one. It looks very unnatural to me.

    Natural Afro dreadlocks
    Defined Afro dreads hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Natural-looking afro hairs are similar to that one. But I don’t know who personally likes to carry such a cactus-shading hairdo. A very very gigantic-looking hairstyle that doesn’t suit me at all.

    Traditional dreads for men
    Long dreadlocks afro
    Source: Pinterest

    A very close friend of mine used to do this hairdo. He was very satisfied with such ugly-looking hair. Moreover, he added a couple of beads at the end of dreads. That seems very ridiculous to me.

    Dreadlocks afro hairstyle
    Perfect afro dread hair
    Source: Pinterest

    I tried this dreadlock hairdo for over 4 months. With a slight beard on the face and a shortcutted mustache, the whole hairdo looks astonishing. Unlike some other dreadful hair, it looks so nice. 

    Short Afro dreadlocks
    Medium afro dreads
    Source: Pinterest

    Short afro hair all over the head is another of doing an afro hairdo. This good hair practice has a famous story with some of the most favorable celebrities around the world. Some people call it a part of top fashion.

    Taper fade dreadlocks
    Thick dreads hair
    Source: Pinterest

    We may be familiar with straight hair taper fade styles. Maybe seeing this kind of example for the first time around. However, African people have been doing taper fades with their dreads hair for a long period.

    Wavy fade-up do African dreadlocks
    Nice wavy line dreadlocks
    Source: Pinterest

    To achieve this hairdo, you need help from a top-class professional barber. This taper fade locks hairdo achieves a high number on our ranking. Also, a formidable option for small-size dreads and afro hair. 

    Afro dreads in white people
    Nice dreadlocks hairstyle for white male
    Source: Pinterest

    Afro dreads hair not only practice for the Africans only. This particular hairdo is also well-practiced by white people. The most pointing part of this hairdo is the wavy fade line here. That needs a touch of top professionals.

    Dreadlocks afro hair
    band dreadlocks
    Source: Pinterest

    Updo folded hairstyle is not common for any male person reading this. But I have chosen this one for the unique way of presenting myself. This model made that hair look more attractive with the earring he is wearing right now. 

    Relevant queries of afro dreads

    How do you get afro dreads?

    Answer: The afro dread is done on naturally curly hair. As this type of hair gets tight quite easily and makes ties on a separate section it is quite ideal for transforming into dreads. You just left your natural hair, to see the visibility dreads. Then after a certain time just clean those dread sections. Keep these dreads section according to your wants.

    How long does it take to get Afro-dreads?

    Answer: It doesn’t require much time. Within just 10 to 12 hours any professional can deploy afro dreadlocks on anyone.

    Did ancient Africans have dreads?

    Answer: Dread hair is a common trait of ancient Africa. There was the visibility of different patterns and shades of natural hair. But most of those belong to dread hairdos

    Are dreads part of African culture? 

    Answer: From the last answer it is clear that dreads are part of African culture. However, much ancient evidence suggests the practice of dreadlocks in the Sindhu civilization. 

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