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Lil Tjay Braids – The Hairstyle You’re Looking For

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    Lil Tjay is a famous American rapper who is very popular with his rap creations. Throughout the stage performances, Lil Tjay came up with a signature braids hairstyle which makes his appearance more unique. Lil Tjay mainly wears a braided hairstyle especially, cornrow braided hairstyle with twisted locs. The mid-parted short braided hairstyle is more premium that can be done with ease.

    However, our hairstyle specialist will guide you more to know about the hairstyle with some examples.

    How To Do Lil Tjay Braids?

    As you already know this braided hairstyle of Lil Tjay is something special for his fans and followers. So, to follow the trend you have to know how to do a braided hairstyle like Tjay. All you need is locs hair with a moderate length and preferably a braid gel to do it properly.

    • Make your hair divided into parts towards the middle.
    • Create some strands to make the braids.
    • Make some two strands twists or multi-strand twists on both of the sides.
    • Use your twists to create cornrow braids.

    Before starting you may use a braiding gel on your damped hair.

    So, you’re all set to go with this very fashionable gorgeous braided hairdo.

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    Let’s explore some of the beautiful and elegant braided hairdos of Lil Tjay.

    Lil Tjay Box Braids

    lil tjay cornrow braids
    Source: Pinterest

    Lil Tjay Type Braids

    Source: Pinterest

    Lil Tjay Braids Short 

    Source: Pinterest

    Lil Tjay Mid-parted Cornrow Braid

    beautiful lil tjay braids
    Source: Pinterest

    Lil Tjay Short Hair

    lil tjay short braids
    Source: Pinterest

    Lastly, Lil Tjay has been established himself as a top rapper so do his braided hairdo also. If you’re looking for a braided short hairstyle like Tjay does, then this could be helpful to do your desired hairstyle and rocking like Tjay doing.
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