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5 selective coil hairstyles suggestions for you

    Finger coil hairdo
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    Coil hairstyles discussion starts from here. Coil hair belongs to the category of natural hair. That extra curly volumizing natural hair on our scalp is mostly known as coil hair. Yeah, we do suffer a lot from a shortage of different styles on this specific natural hair. Not so many people have coily natural hair. Therefore, not so many people don’t required to deal with such a kind of hair and more importantly for styling that hair.

    For that reason, I put this topic for today’s discussion. Where I would like to cover all the ins and out of coily natural hair. More importantly, try to suggest some fascinating styles that can be done with coil natural hair. Well, you may be thinking why I am so concerned about this type of hair. Fortunately or unfortunately recently I got to know from a hair specialist that my hair is also naturally coily natural. Therefore, I have searched on the internet to find out the best style available on this natural hair that I can apply. But a few of those hairdos were up to the mark.  

    As a consequence, I am sharing my experience with those styles with you. Surely any black woman out there will enjoy hearing my journey of coily hairstyles. So, allow me to discuss 5 attractive coil hairstyles. 

    What is coil natural hair?

    Well, before reading the whole article you need to know the meaning of coily hair. Which will help you to determine your natural hair nature. Then you will decide to continue scrolling this page for more or not. 

    The natural hair type that is superb volumizing, tight, and curly is coily natural hair. This belongs to the category of type 4 of natural hair. Very tight and curly nature doesn’t allow anyone to place back the hair. Also not preferable for versatile styles.  

    1. Coil hairstyles for short hair
    Small coil natural hair
    Source: Pinterest
    1. Coil hairstyles for natural hair
    Middle parted coil hair
    Source: Pinterest
    1. Coil twists hairstyles
    combination of dread locs and coil
    Source: Pinterest
    1. Coil braids hairstyles
    Adaptable coil hairdo
    Source: Pinterest
    1. Coil updo hairstyles
    High hill coil hair
    Source: Pinterest

    My journey with coil hairstyle

    I really did hesitate a lot to pick the right one for me. Sometimes I made the wrong decision to pick the exact hair length of my curly coily hair. After so many struggles I tried the 4th one here. Which is named coil braids. This particular hairdo really helped me a lot. I was able to join parties, important family gatherings, and even date with my new lesbo partner. She really liked my hairdo. That way I have successfully created a good impression on her eyes.  

    Well, other left-out styles here on this page I don’t consider these perfect options for me. I tried many times, but they are unlikely to suit me. Just keep in mind, the same thing might not happen to you. Because other recommended styles are good enough to shine with you. Many such styles are not compatible with my height and facial structure. 

    Just to remind you, I was able to share a real picture with you because of my security issues. But I have collected demos of my curly coil hairstyles journey to embrace my experience with you. 

    Let’s take a breath as we have touched the finishing line of this post. We are anticipating your thoughts on the comment box about the curly coil hairstyle. 

    Relevant queries of coil hairstyles  

    How long does the finger coil last?

    Answer: Finger coil can be created in artificial ways. But it will only last on your hair for about 10 days or so. After that hair will start to lose tight curls. 

    Do finger coils turn into dreads?

    Answer: Actually, finger coils don’t last that long. To get locs it at least requires 10 to 12 months. Therefore, chances of turning your finger coil hairs into dreads are so minimal. 

    Use this hair cream for more volumizing curly natural hair.

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