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top 10 triangle part locs ideas for women

    locs hairdo
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    Triangle Part locs has some extraordinary ideas that suit very well any black woman out there. But it is really difficult to find great collections on a single page.

    Therefore, our collections of triangle part loc will do the job for you. Also, this writing will cover all the relevant queries of triangle part locs you may be looking for. Now just sit back on the chair, and enjoy our collections by just scrolling your device.  

    What is a triangle part locs hairdo?

    The triangle locs belong to the main locs hairdo. It is a way of doing locs that seem like triangular shapes on the scalp. This means the triangular shape comes with the binding of locs in a separate position. Simply making triangular shape locs with synthetic hair means triangle loc. 

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    Now you may ask, why is it called triangle part locs? If anyone makes locs all over the scalp of a triangular shape that will look very ridiculous. To make triangular locs people target one part or side of their scalp. That is why it is well known as triangular part locs.

    Locs make natural hair a little tight than normal condition. Therefore, adding synthetic hair for doing locs is a better option instead of using natural hair.

    Hairstyle Laboratory Report.

    The triangle part locs on a black girl

    Triangle part locs on short hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Triangle part loc is a tough style to handle. Especially for a beginner, the process from the beginning to maintenance is really difficult. That was only a concern for a couple of weeks.

    After a certain time, users get used to such a tough protective hairdo. So, if you have a plan to do this locs hairdo, you can begin with proper knowledge. 

    Black women triangle part locs

    Triangle part example for women
    Source: Pinterest

    A woman who is crossing the age of 30 is mostly careless about their looks. But that kind of traditional mentality doesn’t go along with modern thinking.

    People nowadays are very concise about fashion. To have an eye-catching appearance, slightly older black women can choose this exclusive idea of triangular locs. 

    Triangle part locs and passion twists combination
    Long fauxlocs triangle locs
    Source: Pinterest

    Passion twist belongs to a different category than locs. However, a combination of passion twists with triangular shape locs is nice. Here the most concerning issue is finding a proper expert who can make this kind of combination. So, contact a nearby parlor to achieve such a style. 

    Simple triangle locs hairstyle
    Bob length triangle part locs perfect idea
    Source: Pinterest

    Hair beads are a very interesting thing for women who have top-class fashion senses. Some may prevent doing such costly hairdos. If you are thinking of limitations of budget avoiding this idea is acceptable.

    On the other hand, our researcher has voted this particular all-in-one hairdo as the best on this list. Therefore, just break the shackles to have a nice one like that.   

    Ponytail triangle locs hairdo
    Reflection of ponytail on triangle part locs
    Source: Pinterest

    A little pony on the circus ground takes everybody’s eyes. The very smart and attractive moves of baby ponies are so refreshing. People used to call this kind of hairdo the shade of ponies. Where style and fashion have no boundaries. We appreciate good hairdos behind the scenes.

    General people will not understand the passion behind a proper hairdo. Spending a huge time on the internet will be beneficial if someone does find some good thing. 

    Triangle part on dreadlocks 
    Manageable triangle locs hairdo
    Source: Pinterest

    Dread hair needs a long time to grow. However, it is more suitable for any type of fancy style. That requires nursing for the early stage.

    Otherwise, grown dread hair cannot be moved around for a newer shape. So, before going for dreadlocks users need to confirm the upcoming style they may jump on later.

    The triangle part locs with beads
    Matured women with triangular locs
    Source: Pinterest

    Here, in this list, we have added to different hairdos specifically features with beads. However, I think it is the better one than the rest collection. That is only my thinking. Don’t know anything about your way of judging. You can rank according to your judgment.

    Faux locs triangular part hairdo
    Updo folded triangular locs
    Source: Pinterest

    All traditional hairstyles are very nice to see. Black women who carry top-level hairdos these days get more value in society also. Therefore, you may try to have such hairdos on for good days appearance with others.   

    Triangle part updo for black women
    Up do bun edition of triangle part locs
    Source: Pinterest

    On our list, most of the hairdos are from the faux locs category. Doing locs with synthetic hair is quite easy. Natural hair is qualified for such tight bends. For that reason, users must consider good synthetic hairs for top hairdos. 

    Triangle on dreadlocks
    Dreadlocs hairstyle with triangle locs
    Source: Pinterest

    In case of making any locs, dreadlocks will be there. As dread long hairs make extra space and are always kept in a separate place, making triangle locs will be nice.

    You can make any type of hair loss with dreadlocks’ hair patterns. If you liked that hairdo, reply to the comment box to let us know. 

    How to do triangle part locs

    To do triangle part locs, watching a youtube video will be suggested. Because people understand anything clearly from video rather than script reading. However, we are just giving you some basic knowledge of doing locs on a simple word to make the process understandable to you. 

    Firstly, you need to attach synthetic hair with natural hair. That part is known as the installation of hair extensions.

    Then apply a design according to desire. But just keep the side part of your scalp. Because that part will be drawn in a triangle shape.

    Finally, start making triangular shapes on the side part of your scalp. You can choose any part. It may be left or right or middle. Just keep in mind that locs shouldn’t be made very tightly. That may cause scalp damage. Those are the most mandatory steps of doing triangle locs.

    For your convenience, we have added this youtube video link here. So, make the proper triangle locs don’t forget to click here. Finally, we are requested to share your points about our collections in the comment box.

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