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22 hairstyles for curly hair black women

    Straight hairdo
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    Curly natural hair is more suitable for tons of exclusive hairstyles there is no doubt. That must be a joke if someone says curly hair is the hair to do likable styles. Even though the curly hair seems a bit messy but has the capability of open fashion.

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    Especially, black women who belong to the African gene have the opportunity of playing with their naturally curly hair. Surely our fascinating collections of hairstyles for curly hair make black women happy.

    Generally styling with curly hair is a luxury choice. As this hair root is weaker than regular hair, you must keep a hairdo on curly hair properly for a long time. This hair is less flexible for quick changes of styles.

    Hairstyle Laboratory Report.

    Locs hairstyles with curly hair

    Natural curly hair is more suitable for locs than other styles. This type of hair automatically curls. That requires top-level maintenance and support to keep in a particular shape. Seven days a week no one is willing to take on this kind of hassle. Therefore, doing locs on curly hair is very appropriate. 

    Locs can be of various types depending upon people’s choices. Every day of the week we don’t want the same hairdo. As an alternative option locs hairstyle offers versatility.

    Dreadlocks, faux locs, Sisterlocs, Microlocs, Crochet Locs, and many more ideas are waiting for you. The massive list of locs hairstyles provides the flexibility to create a new one in a minimal time.   

    Nice locs curly hair

    locs on natural curly hair looks amazing
    Source: Pinterest

    Medium locs hairstyle

    locs are a traditional practice of African people
    Source: Pinterest

    long locs hairstyle

    Women looks so nice on locs hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Dreadlocks hairstyle

    Dreadlocks is a part of curly hairstyle
    Source: Pinterest

    Butterfly locs for curly hair

    Locs that looks like butterfly is known as butterfly locks
    Source: Pinterest

    Faux locs curly hair wig

    Faux locs needs proper care
    Source: Pinterest

    Updo long locs hairstyle

    Up do locs best for short black woman
    Source: Pinterest

    Short hairstyles with curly hair 

    Another way of doing styles with curly hair is to do it with short length. So many corporate women used to play with this iconic hair setup. In today’s time, we usually don’t want to provide more focus on our makeup. Because of short time and tight scheduling, people often go for an easily maintainable hairdo.  

    Plus everyone looks so different with short-length hair. Especially, women get distinct looks by applying short hair. As they used to carry long hair, we don’t prepare to see them with short hair length. Therefore, you can take this option as a surprise box for others.

    Even though short hairdos are not so common but have tons of attractive ways of hairstyles. We have tried to collect some of the best convincing hairdos for your convenience. 

    Short hair curly style

    Short curly hair is easy to maintain
    Source: Pinterest

    Short blonde curly hair

    Blonde color is nice one for adults
    Source: Pinterest

    Front layered short curly hairstyle

    Short curly hair is best choice for the corporate woman out there
    Source: Pinterest

    Nice short curly hair for 2022

    Year 2022 needs up updated models of curly hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Curly short hairdo

    Curly hair matches very familiar in short length
    Source: Pinterest

    Very short curly hairstyle

    beads can be added with short hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Short quick set up curly hairstyle

    Short hairstyles are best for quick setup
    Source: Pinterest

    Short blonde curly hair setup

    Blonde color looks so well with matured woman
    Source: Pinterest

    Long hairstyle with curly hair

    While talking about different lengths of hair, no one can ignore long lengths from the list. Long hairs are usually known for some eye-catching hairdos. Apart from these, keeping long hair is strictly mandatory in some societies. Many tribal groups still carry their long hair with pride and the art of hair setting.   

    Here we can have a look at our nice collections of curly long hairstyles. Surely, such styles will make you choose any of these. Especially, those who have naturally curly hair and keep long-length hair are in the right place. 

    Long curly hairstyles for Black women

    Extended curly hairstyle
    Source: Pinterest

    Long curly hairstyle for a young girl

    Long hair makes anyone look greater
    Source: Pinterest

    Amazing long curly hair

    Curly hair on long format familiar with all skin colors
    Source: Pinterest

    Long curly hair for women

    Long curly hairstyles deserves more respect
    Source: Pinterest

    Manageable long curly hair sets

    Perfect hairdo that can be easily managed
    Source: Pinterest

    Ponytail long curly hairstyle

    This lady is making ponytail here with her natural hair
    Source: Pinterest

    updo long curly hairstyle

    Source: Twitter 

    Best hairstyles for curly hair for Black women 

    The woman who has curly hair is not settled with the right length at all. Someday they may think they have long-length hair, alternatively, they carry short-length hair. So, it made us think about the selection of the best one. Then we looked around many places for a proper survey.

    Suddenly we picked out Quora as the best platform to initiate the answer. That is a place for getting real survey reports from the participation of real humans. Let’s see the survey result from the graph attached to this very part. 

    Survey result of most favorite curly hairstyles.

    Picture: Pie chart of survey results of best curly hairstyles
    Problems and solutions of curly hairstyles

    Natural hair means curly natural hair. Many people don’t like this hair simply because of top maintenance. Rather than that, we haven’t found any top problems with curly natural hair. Well, lower porosity curly hair creates so many obstacles. For gathering knowledge on low porosity hair look for similar posts available on this web. 

    However, for better care of curly natural hair, one needs to use some selective products. Not all the products are suitable for curly hair. Therefore, see these below-mentioned best items that will suit your care hair.

    Hair oil suggestion for the care of curly hair 

    We tried to serve the best products available on your list. Well, share your personal experience of these two products plus styles of our recommendations.

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