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Faux locs hairstyles with shaved sides- black women

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    Doing locs hairstyles is a traditional practice of the African-American woman. With all respect to the black women, do have collected best examples of  faux locs hairstyles with shaved sides. Some of the pictures have comprehensive analysis too. So that readers can understand the history and present perspective of those particular collections. 

    What is faux locs hairstyle

    It is very important that you understand the meaning of faux locs before going through those examples. Because, the meaning will lead you to the basic idea of those spectacular examples of historical backgrounds that have been attached here. 

    Actually the faux locs hairstyle belongs to the main sets of locs hairstyles. We all know locs hairstyle is an ancient form of doing hairdo in some specific areas of Asia and africa. Later that very hairo was brought to American soil by the African American people. Actually locs have quite a few stages of style. Different styles have different introductions too. One of that kind is known as faux locs. Locs can start as rolling, twisting and turning natural hair into a different look. Well, it may seem a little bit messy  to you if you are not aware of ancient history and its relation to beauty. Well, our talking will continue till the showcase of those amazing ideas of faux locs. Just turn around to see the zalzing displays of faux locs for now. 

    Medium faux locs in side shaved mode

    Source: Pinterest

    Undercut side shave faux locs

    Source: Pinterest

    Bang in long length side shave locs hair

    Source: Pinterest

    Updo faux locs hairstyle

    Source: Pinterest

    Just look at this beautiful managed protective hairdo. Simply magnificent hairdo with all the designs and materials attachment. As well as the traditional shade oozing through here. However, maintaining such hairdos is very tough in a sense. That may provide quite a central look during a public gathering. Especially someone planning to appear on a birthday event. That very hairdo will be a nice option to have on a specific event. Don’t bother to have a nice sleep with it. A proper example of faux locs hairstyles with shaved sides.

    Tyler whitley side shave faux locs hairstyle

    Source: Pinterest

    It is impossible not to put her magnificent hair makeup in this list. How can someone ignore such a delicate hairdo with faux locs? Overall, our audience panel has highly appreciated Tyler Whitley’s look. Someday I may try to catch up with mind blowing faux locs. That simply represents my cultural identity as well my fashion sense.  

    Maintenance of faux locs hairdo

    It is not easy to maintain such a protective hairdo. That’s why many women ignore it. Specially, the corporate woman or a busy woman gets into trouble carrying locs. That point comes true for all types of locs hairdo. However, if you do the basics right, hopefully carrying any locs is possible. 

    Addition of moisture for proper nourishment is very necessary. Therefore, users may try to maintain their locs hair, with a qualified nourishing conditioner. Some of you may ask how much I need shampooing my locs hair? It actually depends on your hair texture. But a regular way, once in a week is a proper time. 

    Lion Locs Rosewater Spray

    We highly recommend users to apply this product to maintain any type of locs hair. At a lower price, surely users will get the most possible treatment from it. Some special abilities of this particular item have been served here for yourself. 

    • Microlocks, interlocks, dreadlocks, locks, braidlocks, braids, faux locs, twist locks, or sister locks, this product will work for you. 
    • Rosewater and glycerin helps in strengthening the hair
    • Made using superior all natural carrier and essential oils
    • It controls messy fizziness of locs hair
    How to maintain faux locs at night? 

    Actually, many women don’t obtain locs hairdo for having troubles during sleeping time. But you can avoid all those troubles by just using a simple hair cover. Which will keep you protective hair protected during sleeping time. Here you take this recommended hair cover to protect locs hair during sleeping mode. 

    Extra Long Satin Bonnet for Braids

    This wonderful head cover works as a shield during sleeping time. Also works very well in high windy situations. Many users benefit from using this head cover on rainy days. So, if you are carrying a protective haido, this nice tool will be an ideal choice for you. 

    • One set has two pieces of covers. After a couple of days of use, wash one and use another. Also the extra one can be shared with family members. 
    • As it is made with polyester material, the breathability of this headcover is very high.
    • If case of defects on any caps, the company comes with free exchange opportunity 

    Faux locs hairstyle for marriage 

    People usually do protective hair dos to appear on events like marriage, birthday, or any other family reunion. Application of faux locs on such events is very common. But when it comes to marriage, wearing locs would be an ideal choice. Such hairdos show the outer respect for culture and heritage. Also the invited members generate extra impressions for wearing locs hairdo.  

    faux locs bridal hair makeup

    Source: Pinterest

    Long faux locs side shave hairdo

    Source: Pinterest

    Imagine you are wearing this similar front vented long length faux locs on your marriage. More and more introduction is possible with such makeup. On a huge event where more than a thousand people want to see your look, that kind of hair makeup surely showcases your high fashion senses. Bridal who belong to black heritage generally go for modern hairdos. They are more generous with western look. Somehow forgetting their strong fashion orientation, that is going along nice generation to generation.  

    Side shave faux locs for 2022

    Source: Pinterest

    After the impact of covid-19 we are spending more time at home. But we are hopeful this global pandemic ends soon. In 2022 we need to have modern hairstyles. This example will be a preferable choice for modern days. More examples are attached here, those will meet the heights of modern times.  

    Side shaved updo faux locs

    Source: Pinterest

    How long does faux locs last? 

    As faux locs are not real locs, the lasting ability depends on the hair extension langibity. In general faux locs hair extensions last for four to six weeks. But depending on your usability the time can extend a little bit. According to the suggestion of synthetic hair experts, synthetic hair should be used for more than six weeks. Overuse can cause problems like braid bumps, rashes and so on and on. 

    Can faux locs damage natural hair? 

    A very important thing to know before applying any protective hairdo. Many times users come to our experts about this particular problem. But that is too late. You need to have consultation just before going for any locs styles. Because, heavy and compact hair extension creates extra pressure on scalps. That could damage the scalp very badly. 

    Only experts will be able to suggest you the exact preferable synthetic hair. Not all types of extensions will be applicable for everyone. So, before doing any damage to your scalp, consultation with an expert is a must. 

    Colorful faux locs hairstyle with shaved sides  

    Addition of color with synthetic hair brings more beauty. If someone tends to do locs styles, they can choose colorful hair extensions too. That will make the hairstyle more convincing. Especially, any black girl wants to locs hair for dating with boyfriend. The colorful faux locs hairstyle will make your meter more surprised. 

    I usually don’t love to wear dull synthetic hair. That can be an enjoyable experience for older women. But I’m not familiar with modern girls. Who really loves to play with color, they have a big chance to explore styles with spectacular colors. 

    Side shaved faux locs vs regular faux locs – which one is better? 

    As our today’s topic is side shave faux locs hairstyles only. But we have tried to cover some valuable information of the whole locs category too. Therefore, it needs to be clear which one is better here. Surely that little comparison will be a deciding factor for the readers too.  

    Regular faux locs seem very non-traditional. When someone shaves the side of the scalp that adds a new dimension to the mother style. That makes such a style more traditional in a sense. Also the shaved style has so many variations too. Sidway wavy lines make the normal look more eye-catching. Drawing such lines is only possible with the shaved sides.    

    Apart from wavy lines, side shaved locs style is very close to the mohawk styles. That provides women with a more aggressive look. Any lesbo girl will have an advantage in a lovely dress. In addition when someone wants to bring more variation on locs, they can add an updo setting to. Which makes the whole complexion very impressive. 

    After all it totally depends on the particulars of users. Both faux locs and side shave locs are very attractive. One thing for sure, that different styles will not come handy to everyone. Exact hairdos look more attractive depending upon the face shape, skin tune and many more. However, my preference is faux locs hairstyles with shaved sides.  

    Faux locs hairstyle for childrens 

    Our researchers have found no meaningful signs of adding any protective hairstyles for children. Because, protective hairstyles need application of synthetic hair or hair extensions. Which is attached with the real hair for the complexion of the whole style. But, children’s hair roots are not that strong to carry extra weights. Any hair extension creates extra unwanted tension to their scalps. That leads to numerous scalp diseases. Therefore, avoiding locs hairstyle for the children’s is the right thing to do. Don’t have to be. By crossing certain age limitations, they will be able to carry such traditions with their makeovers. Our hair experts only suggest doing protective hairdos only to adults. 

    Suggestions of hair extensions for proper side shave faux locs hairstyle

    Here is the segment, we have collected some of the most wanted synthetic hairs for faux locs. These collections were possible with the help of some real experts of this market. Also they possess tons of knowledge on this sector too. As some fake hairs available on the market can be a wrong option. Therefore, follow our suggestions to take the most appropriate hair extension from here. 

    Goddess Faux Locs Crochet Hair

    If some who dream to have long length hair extensions, this one will be the cherry in the apple for them. Because it has a length of 24 inches. Also a nice black color with bangs attached. 

    • The natural color is designed to mimic the colors that appear in real locs
    • Each loc is unique and has its own curl and wave pattern for a breathtaking style
    • The wavy ends adds more dimension in a classic mode

    Faux Locs Crochet Braids Hair Pre Looped Synthetic Curly

    If your target is to get longer hair than the previous one, then simply take this one. Also the color in it is not very catchable to me. However, different people have different perspective in choosing color. If you desire to have such an expressive color, then go for it. 

    • This hair extension is Super light weight and also very soft. 
    • The pre-looped installation system helps the beginner a lot for a quick setup. 
    • It is also available in different color variants. So, avail the one you like the most. 

    Curly Faux Locs Crochet Hair

    Well for the short stylers, we have taken this particular one. In addition they will get proper curly extensions to do the boho style, goddess locs and many more styles. Let’s have a view of the most valuable features of it.  

    • More small curls in the middle of the hair
    • Pre pre-twisting system allows easy installation for the newcomers. 
    • Appropriate for short or shoulder length styles. 

    Actually, it was very necessary that we brigns some of the best hair extensions buying links for you. Because, users get into confusion to find the right one for them. That’s why our collection comes handy when it comes to the question of picking the desired one. 

    Hopefully, this article will enrich your ideas about the faux locs hairstyles with shaved sides. For someone who finds any suggestions or additions that will make our writing stronger, you are invited to share. So, express yourself in the comment box. And have a nice faux locs hairstyles with shaved sides mode.  

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