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REVLON Volumizer Hair Dryer Air Brush

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    Revlon is a famous cosmetic company that provides authentic beauty products. Revlon’s one-step volumizer hairdryer and hot air brush are some of their selling items on Amazon.

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    About Revlon Hot Air Brush

    This airbrush is designed with tufted bristles and a nylon pin to improve volume control. There are three heat settings for the right amount of heat and cooling options for style with flexibility.

    This is one of the most technologically advanced hairdryers with a fast dryer and low heat damage. The beautiful part of this brush is can be placed close to the scalp. This brush came with all-in-one and non-detachable brush heads for styling fluently.

    Top Feature of Revlon Hot Air Brush

    Revlon hot air brush has styling, drying, and volumizing features together.

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    • Style, Dry & Volumize Your Hair Altogether.
    • It has maximum drying power with 30% less frizz.
    • It has a non-detachable brush head that creates a smooth hair experience.
    • It has 3 steps of a heat controller to control the heat.
    • It has an ALCI safety plug approved by ETL.
    • It has unique and innovative airflow vents that help to dry faster.
    • It has ceramic technology that helps to reduce heat damage.
    • It works for all types of hair.


    • Not recommended use of converter or adaptor.

    Why You Should Buy and Use Revlon One-step Dryer and Hot Air Brush?

    This is one of the most technologically advanced hair tools with a convenient design that comes at a cheap price. It has some special features like maximum drying power, a heat controller, and airflow vents that surely give you a smooth experience.

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    Short Details of Revlon Hot Air Brush

    Brand: Revlon

    Hair Type: All

    Material: Nylon

    Color: Black, Mint, Teal, Pink, Rainbow Gold, Red (Click on the colors to see at Amazon)

    Dimensions: 4.1 x 11.4 x 10.1 (inches)

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (2,68,000+ ratings)

    How to Use Revlon Volumizer Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush?

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    Safety Precautions 

    DO NOT wrap the cord around the unit when not in use or while in storage as this will cause wear on the cord.

    FAQs about Revlon Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

    Q. How good is the oval shape?

    A. Oval shape is very useful, especially for silkiness and smoothing the experience.

    Q. Is there a way to clean the filter on this hair dryer?

    A. Yes, it can be cleaned with a small brush but when it is unplugged and turned off.

    Q. How can I request a guarantee for this product?

    A. There is no guarantee provided by the manufacturer but there is a warranty for a limited time.

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