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Micro Braids Hairstyles Complete Analysis

    Small braids
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    Micro braids hairstyle is a popular way of making braids. It is mostly done by African American women. Although making braids is common practice for both men and women.

    But, here in this article we only focus on women’s micro-braiding hairstyles. Let’s jump to the next section for a better idea of this braid.

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    Braids near me might be your last query. Before going to the Parlor, have a look at this post. Here, in this article, we have discussed micro braiding hairstyle forms including the wavy look to best looking micro braiding styles that are available for you. Mini braids price tags and the use of human hair for micro braids are also noted in this article. 

    Braids hairdo is the art of doing a decorative hairdo, focusing on an ancient practice. It’s a collaboration of modern and ancient hairstyles.     

    Hairstyle Laboratory Report.

    Micro braids Meaning 

    Micro braiding is good-looking tiny braids hairstyles. That protective hairstyle can be done with natural hair and with artificial hair wigs. Mostly, women from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and America practice micro braids. Making micro-braiding hairstyles is part of Western fashion these days.

    Such hairdos come in varieties of sizes. Mostly shoulder length micro braiding hairstyle is commonly seen. Fashion-oriented black women practices such hairstyles for their easy maintenance. A complete long-lasting hairdo. That only has a minimum amount of hassle. 

    People from the West Indian part of the world practice micro braiding hair. Especially, men from Guyana, Surinam, and Panama do this hairdo frequently. Usually, they keep braids short in length. The long history of micro braids hairstyle surely makes you thoughtful.

    Some evidence was found, about the practice of micro braids in the ancient Egyptian royal society liked that hairdo very much.    

    Origin of Micro Braids Hairstyle

    It is not rocket science that micro braiding hairstyles sit in the category of braids hairdos. Braids hair has different variants. However, the box braid hairdo and faux locs are familiar with micro braids. Making the tiniest braids on your natural hair also stands in this category. 

    There is no authentic historical evidence were found about the micro braiding hairstyle’s origin. However, people from the Inca Empire, the Egyptian Empire, and ancient Sudan loved to do hairstyles. From then this way of making hair goes on and on. Which has become part of their tradition also.     

    Best Micro Braids Hairstyle Ideas

    Here we have noted some of the most beautiful micro braid examples. All those mentioned stylish are appropriate for women. Specifically, suitable for the black woman.

    With reasonable respect, all black will look quite dashing with these stylish micro braiding styles. Let’s view these examples and choose the most beautiful one.  

    Micro braids style in long hair        

    Source: Pinterest

    Those who love to have long hair with a combination of micro braiding? This example is suitable for them. This particular style gives a natural-looking impression. As micro braid can be done in natural hair. Such a natural-looking easy style will be a nice option. 

    Ultra-modern medium micro braids

    Source: Pinterest

    Protective hairstyle needs high care and attention. For that reason, doing and maintaining a braids style is quite tough. That’s why some people try to avoid this attractive-looking modern style.

    However, If you still searching for this thing, this hairdo of micro braid can be a great choice left there. 

    Micro braids in Updo

    Source: Pinterest

    Updo is another nice way of making hair. All types of braids are easily matchable with Updos. So, trying to do the micro braiding in Updo mode is also a nice preference. Especially, busy women need to apply that method to do their hair. That will help them to save lots of time. 

    Traditional micro braids

    Source: Pinterest

    Micro  twists braids

    Source: Pinterest

    To do the micro braid style in a twist hair mode is a nice idea. Many black women asked to have an example of micro twists braiding styles. That’s why we have attached this particular example for your convenience. 

    Micro box braids 

    Source: Pinterest

    So many fashion-cautious black women wanted to have this hairstyle. A box braiding hairstyle is also a form of a micro braid. So, we have chosen this idea to fulfill your demands. Doing this hairdo with micro braids lace front wig will be an ideal option. 

    How to do micro braids 

    After seeing all those beautiful examples of micro braid, you may be wondering if you have a nice piece of these. Doing micro braid is not a difficult task at all. To do micro braiding in a quick time, just follow the below-noted procedures. 

    Before beginning the steps you just need some essential materials. A micro braid hair extension, a conditioner, hair moisturizing lotion, an installation clip, a scissor, a hair brush, and hair tape.  

    Step 1 

    Clean the hair extension properly. Some people know the extension in the name of a wig. Then take the assistance of the brush to section out the natural hair. Blow-dry natural hair is preferable for this style. 

    Step 2 

    Now start attaching up the braids with your natural hair. Use the installation pin for easy business. Don’t forget to keep a distance between different sections of hair after installation. 

    Step 3 

    After completing the installation stage, I began to set up braids. You can do box style, fox locs styles, and other flat styles also. To keep hair in the right place use the lotion.

    Step 4

    To decorate braids, just use color wigs. Some may use different kinds of hair jewels, pins, or customized layers. On the final touch don’t forget to add hair oil. Applying oil could be seen as a messy option. Just drop a little portion of oil on your finger then massage properly on your scalp. 

    If anyone follows these steps for doing microbraids, they will find doing this style easy. Also, you can take assistance from others to make the whole process smoother. You will also find so many tutorial videos on YouTube about doing micro braids. Watch some of these tutorial videos to complete the journey of micro braiding hairstyle. 

    How many packs of hair for micro braids?

    Our recommendation is to take 6 packs of synthetic braids hair to complete a good-looking braids style. Surely, a nice look is waiting for you. Keep in mind that you can use real human hair to make braids more gorgeous. 

    How long do micro braids last?  

    It is a regular query of braids likers. A proper micro braids hairstyle lasts up to 1 to 8 weeks long. Depending on your protection.  

    How long do micro braids take?  

    Complete the whole process of micro braid style, which will take up to 12 hours at most. Some may complete the whole business in a shorter time than this.

    Our recommendation is to have a consultation with hair medics. Taking information from web sources for hairstyle is obvious. But all information on the internet is not true. Therefore, doing such sensitive styles must have proper knowledge and assistance. That is only possible with the recommendation of experts.

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