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Does Braiding Promote Hair Growth?

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    It’s a question that we’ve all wondered about at some point in our lives. In ancient African culture, it was believed that it would grow faster if you braid your hair.

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    We’ve also heard the rumor that if you braid your hair before bed, it will grow longer while you sleep. But does braiding promote hair growth?

    As braiding natural hair, creates extra pressure, it results in hair growth. Get the details to answer from the below description.

    Hairstyle Laboratory Report.

    Fact or fiction of Braids Hair

    The short answer is “yes.” This is supported by Dr. Joseph A. Guillaume, a physician, and pediatrician at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He conducted a study that found that women who wore braids had hair follicles that were 18% larger than those who did not.

    However, this was only after about three weeks of wearing braids and doesn’t necessarily prove a cause-and-effect relationship. A second study from Dr. John Vye, Associate Professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center, was also published in the journal Hair Research.

    In this study, 2,623 black and white women of varying skin tones took part in a two-day hair experiment.

    What is Braiding Hair?

    Braiding is the art of taking hairpieces and wrapping them around a rod, often a hair curler, to create a design. Today, we will be finding out if any actual studies prove that braiding is beneficial for hair growth. What studies have been done?

    To confirm the theories, scientists from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in China studied exactly what effects braids had on hair growth. They compared hair that was braided and hair that was not braided and applied similar pressure to both braided and unbraided sections.

    What did they find? The braided hair grew an average of 9.4% longer than the unbraided hair. And when the unbraided hair was braided, the growth rate decreased to 6.9%.

    Animation of Braiding Hair

    Can braiding promote hair growth?

    We delved into the world of hair science to find out if braiding does anything to stimulate hair growth. First off, braids make your hair appear fuller. That’s because they block out unnecessary light from your scalp. Sunlight can break down your hair.

    A less pronounced yet still important aspect of braiding is that it locks in moisture to counteract hair loss. Heat and sweat can cause condensation to evaporate quickly from your hair, so when braiding, you want to leave your hair more protected from UV rays and heat. Braiding also “moisturizes” your hair.

    When you braid your hair, you create a nice little knot and give the ends of your hair some extra TLC. This locks in moisture to the hair and acts as a barrier against humidity.


    It’s hard to say. We know braids give you a more youthful look, which is excellent for new school grads trying to shake off their skunky hair. They also look friendly with short or medium lengths, so that’s a plus. But there isn’t enough scientific research to tell us if braids promote hair growth.

    So if you’re hoping for a thicker mane, it might not be the right choice. Still, braiding won’t hurt your hair. So go ahead and try it and let us know what happens!

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