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Microlocs vs sisterlocks – Differences, facts, Examples

    Microlocs vs sisterlocks- differences and facts
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    In between Microlocs vs sisterlocks which should be your destined hairstyle? Yes, answering this question isn’t that simple. Especially, for beginners, it is a topic of long discussion without any ending result. Momentarily, both way of making hair is very popular in the African-American community. For the locks lovers, those two options can bring a way of shining in society. Also brings more new difficulties of choosing the best one. Therefore, follow our analysis for having a better idea about Microlocs vs sisterlocks.

    Definition of Microlocs hairstyle

    Microlocs are a definite form of small-sized locks on the scalp. In most cases, locks are the pen size locks. Which regular-sized of the locks are greater than this.

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    Many people are unable to determine the difference between locks hairstyles. As there are so many types of locks styles available. Actually, the easiest way of knowing the locks category is to know the size description of the locks.

    Definition of Sisterlocks hairstyle

    Sisterlocks are the traditional way of creating locks on natural hair. Sisterlock’s hairs are the size of bob-length hairs.  This type of locks hair design has been originated from the African continent. Even these days African American community seems to follow this trend.

    Traditional sister locks

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    Sisterlocks is a protective hairstyle, that takes a long time. Also, this method of locking hair increases hair growth. Most people don’t know the truth. However, getting rid of sisterlocks is not straightforward.

    Microlocs vs sisterlocks – Which is the best hairstyle?

    Historically, both of these locks styles belong to the same category. All the differences between these styles are pretty identical. To provide a real verdict, we need to mention those criteria in the following segment.

    Locks making process 

    In between these two methods the locking style is very same. Actually, sisterlocks take more time to appear in proper shape. Whereas, the microlocks take a little bit less time compared with it. So, in the case of locks, making process our priority is the microlocks.

    Based on look

    On the basis of the look, sisterlocks are the clear winner. This style looks sharper than the microlocks. Also, the bob size, a shape made it more preferable for the aged woman. Overall, the condition favors the sisterlocks.

    Permanent style 

    Here the main problem with the sisterlocks process is its permanent lasting ability. Remove the locks needs more time without cutting down the natural hair. That’s why people ignore having this permanent style. Also in the modern age, no fashion is done in a permanent way. Everyone loves to move forward with new arrivals and changes.

    So, based on those criteria mentioning one style is not so difficult. In case of a better look, sisterlocks hairstyle will be the obvious option. But in terms of mobility and flexibility, Microlocs gets well ahead of sisterlocks. Now the choice is yours.

    Facts of Microlocs and sisterlocks hairstyle

    • Sisterlocks is a permanent hairstyle, that needs lots of patients to remove without cutting natural hair.
    • Locks actually natural hair to grow in a faster way.
    • Historians believe that creating locks with natural hair was first introduced in the ancient Indus valley civilization. Later, locks became the traditional practice of the African region.
    • Locks need to wash very gently and rear. In general, sisterlcoks need to wash in every 2/3 weeks once.
    • People make locks of hair to stay away from washing!
    • Making a locks hairstyle is an expensive thing. That many people are not able to do it with their natural hair.
    • In some parts of Africa, without making locks hair marring is not possible. They took it in a top position.

    Apart from those, a locks hairstyle is mostly preferable for the school-going children on American soil. Although sleeping with locks is quite difficult. By following some proper steps, sleeping with locks will be so normal. We, really appreciate the cultural practices of all societies. Which is the easiest method of knowing their history. So, much more respect and honor for the locks and people who are carrying their traditions and culture with them.






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