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Crochet dreads vs interlocking – Analysis

    Interlocking and Crochet dreads different
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    Crochet dreads Vs interlocking are two different methods of doing locks. Sometimes users come up with complaints against locking methods. Whereas, the palm rolling method is another magnificent way of doing locks. Still, feels a bit confusing.

    Image: A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    When you compare these two processes with the palm rolling dreads then confusion increases. Well, don’t get confused a little too early. We are here to help you to find the most effective formulations for making dreadlocks.

    Explanation of Crochet dreads methods

    Crochet dreads are a way of doing dreadlocks systemically. The installation method is very easy and simple. However, this method has been questioned by many users.

    Locks hairdo has rich history and amazing traditional value. That’s why the locks hairdo is maintained with high care.

    Hairstyle Laboratory Report

    As it is not a widely accepted formulation, many hair styler centers are unable to provide it in the right way.

    White Girl Crochet Dreads
    Credit: Daddy read

    As a result, clients face unexpected problems. In recent times several salons have come forward with the dreadlocks crochet method. Advantages are huge in this very formula. Locs seems pretty convincing and natural that users have more growing intent for this way of dreads crocheting method.

    Positives and negatives of the crochet dreads method


    • Instant way of getting dreadlocks
    • Users get more defining dreads by  crocheting
    • The whole procedure is less painful
    • This method works properly with different types of hair
    • Takes no time, to complete the total procedure
    • Provides natural look
    • Generally takes 6-8 weeks for maintenance
    • The fastest formula for doing dreads


    • The improper methods can damage natural hair
    • Not commonly used.  Therefore, the number of experts is less
    • The learning method is also quite hassling

    Explanation of Interlocking Method

    The other name of the interlocking method is latch-hocking. That means pulling the ends sections of the dread’s hair on the same root section. By root, the flipping technic is the best formulation of the interlocking process.

    Most people tend to go with the interlocking method for making dreads hair. Because interlocking seems very simple and less costly than some other methods of making dreadlocks.

    Positives and negatives of the Interlocking method


    • Interlocking is the easiest way to do a dreadlocks hairstyle.
    • The lasting ability of the interlocking dreadlocks is very high.
    • Interlocking provides nice and well-decorated looks with long-lasting ability.
    • Interlocking is the most accepted way of making dreadlocks. Therefore, you will find lots of salons in your surroundings to do this process.


    • Interlocking can lead up to thinking hair if the process hasn’t been done properly.

    So, this study is showing both the processes of dread have positives and negatives. On this particular point taking a decision will be tougher. However, a considerable amount of people do interlocking at regular intervals.  Now just finish our topic with the verdict.

    The Verdict

    As interlocking is the most popular and well-accepted, we prioritize this one.  If there is such a good opportunity of making crochet dreads within a reasonable price, then this can be a nice choice option. Otherwise, interlocking may be the best option for making dreads.

    Is Palm Rolling Better Than Interlocking And Crochet Dreads?

    Although palm rolling is not the topic of our discussion topic. We will associate some hints to help in the decision-making. The palm rolling method is done with the roller of palms.

    In today’s time, palm-rolling dreads are also very popular. Based on popularity, this process easily beats crochet dreads. However, comes a little bit of a short interlocking process. Interlocking dreads last longer than traditional palm-rolling dreads.

    For that reason, people prioritize the interlocking dreads method on most occasions. So, Crochet dreads vs interlocking vs Palm rolling gets the ultimate winner of interlocking.

    Do Locks Damages Natural Hair

    Locks are traditional forms of making dreads hair. We have found this practice started in the ancient civilization of Egypt. Although some proves are saying locking hair was also a useful practice of the great Indus Valley region. That’s why it is quite clear, all locks are not damaging to natural hair.

    Rather than improper locks creating damaging concerns for natural hair. For that reason, stay away from the locks in the wrong way.

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