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Ringworm On Scalp And How To Deal With It

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    We love our hair as much as we love other parts of our body. It’s important as nice hair represents our personality and how nice we are. However, what if we don’t get proper hair or hairstyle due to any scalp disease?

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    Out of so many scalp diseases, ringworm is one of them. If you’re suffering from ringworm on the scalp this might be a helpful article for you.

    Make sure to take treatment of any scalp related problems at the early stage. With timely treatment, scalp related problems gets sequired quickly. But delay in treatment, turns the situation bad to worst.

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    What is Scalp Ringworm?

    Scalp Ringworm
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    Tinea Capitis is commonly known as ringworm which is a scalp disease.  This is a fungus infection that spots in any place on the head. This looks similar to round patches like Alopecia on the scalp. Children are the main victim of this disease but people of all ages can suffer from ringworm also.

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    What are the symptoms of scalp ringworm?

    Scalp Ringworm
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    The symptoms of ringworm disease vary from person to person. Here are some basic symptoms that you can get sure about you or your family members suffering from scalp ringworm.

    • The whole head is might be extremely itchy.
    • It usually spots bald round patches which increase day by day.
    • Reddish or greyish scaly skin around the bald patches.
    • You can face hair loss or the hair might be pulled out when you touch your hair from the bald patches.

     What are the risks of ringworm on the head?

    Ringworm on the scalp is diagnosable with proper following treatment. You will be at risk if you are late to see your doctor. Here are some;

    • The bald patches get larger over time.
    • Extreme hair falls around the bald patches.
    • The bald patches area might be reddened or rushed.
    • This might be transferred to your lovable pets from you.
    How does scalp ringworm spread?

    Different ways of Ringworm spreading. The main two ways are;

    • From the person who suffering from ringworm.
    • From your pets like cats and dogs or farmed animal like cow and goat that has ringworm.
    • It can be from the objects that were touched by the person or pet who has ringworm.

    How to diagnose and prevent scalp ringworm?

    If you’re or your child suffering from Tinea Capitis, as soon as possible see a doctor. The doctor might give you a skin test. The doctor might give you oral medications for 1-3 months according to severity.

    Sometimes the doctor might give you a fungal cream for fungal treatment. But don’t apply it to bald patch areas. You should maintain the course fully to recover from this scalp disease.

    It’s very important to prevent scalp ringworm. You can always follow the doctor’s prescription and take oral medicines. Besides, you can follow some simple steps to avoid ringworm.

    • Wash and keep clean your hands before touching your head.
    • Keep clean your bedding and clothes.
    • Wear sandals or shoes during the shower and washroom.
    • Check up on your pet’s fungal disorders.
    • Keep your head clean and dry.
    What are the treatments for ringworm on the head?

    If you or your child is suffering from Tinea Capitis, as soon as possible take treatment. Follow the doctor’s prescription accordingly. The doctor might give these medicines for your treatment.

    • Griseofulvin (for child or adult)
    • Terbinafine (for children and adults)
    • Itraconazole (for children and adults)
    • Prednisone (for adults in the extreme case)
    • Selenium Sulfide Shampoo

    Use these medicines with prescriptions from doctors. You always should follow the routines and doses given by the doctor.

    How to get rid of ringworm on the scalp at home?

    It’s very important to get rid of scalp ringworm. You can always follow the doctor’s prescription and take oral medicines. Besides, you can follow some simple steps to avoid ringworm at home.

    Apple Cider Vinegar can be a perfect tonic to get rid of scalp ringworm. Take some apple cider vinegar in a tablespoon. Take some vinegar on your finger and gently rub it to the bald spots. Do it five to six times per day and you’ll see the result. The ringworm from the head will be gone in 3-5 days.


    However, the ringworm on the scalp might be a fungus infection but can be diagnosed with proper treatments. Follow the above tips given by our Hairstyle Laboratory’s specialist Alex Molina and deal with it.

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