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Rihanna’s Bang Hairstyle – Analysis

    Style with Rihanna's Bang hairstyle
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    Robyn Rihanna Fenty, famously known as Rihanna, is a singer, model, and fashion designer. Rihanna’s hairstyle always has been considered a trendy hairstyle. The multi-talented artist has had an iconic appearance with some gorgeous hairstyles over the years.

    A Hairstyle Laboratory creation.

    Out of many of them, Rihanna’s bang hairstyle got so much hype among her fans and followers. This is the most iconic and signature hairstyle of the Barbadian multi-talented personality Rihanna ever tried.

    Here, our Hairstyle Laboratory’s hairstyle specialist Alex Molina explained everything about Rihanna’s Bang hairstyle. Today we will basically analyze all of Rihanna’s iconic bang hairstyles.

    Alex Molina

    The main two hairstyles we will discuss are the classic fringe bangs and curtain bangs. We will discuss and explain everything step by step and how to get it. So, why wait?

    Rihanna’s Classic Fringe Bang Hairstyle

    Rihanna black bang
    Source: Pinterest

    The classic fringe hairstyle is one of the most popular bang hairstyles of Rihanna. This is an iconic hairstyle of Rihanna during the early stage of her career.

    This classic hairstyle got so much hype and this is her favorite hairstyle since she started stage performance at concerts.

    Why fringe bang is the best hairstyle for Rihanna?

    Rihanna bob
    Source: Pinterest

    The Barbadian singer Rihanna tried lots of stylish hairstyles during her music career. Though she tried a lot of beautiful hairstyles this classic fringe hairstyle is very special for her.

    This is the hairstyle that she finds more comfortable during the stage performance. She looks more gorgeous and fashionable with this classic hairstyle on the stage.

    You can’t take off your eyes when you see these colorful brown fringe classic hairstyles. Even Rihanna recognized this as her favorite hairstyle also.

    How to get Rihanna’s Classic Fringe Hairstyle? 

    Rihanna bob
    Source: Pinterest

    If you are looking to see yourself with a gorgeous hairstyle of Rihanna, don’t get tensed. This could look like a bob hair hairstyle with highlights. But the fact is it’s not a bob hairstyle even though it is much similar to a bob hairstyle. It’s a very easy hairstyle that can be achieved by following the steps. To style with the classic bang hairstyle of Rihanna you need to follow these easy steps.

    • Grow your hair especially the back and side hairs as long as you want.
    • Make the hair straight as much as possible. Straight hair is the best for this hairstyle.
    • Distribute the hairs to all the sides from the top.
    • Cut the hair around the forehead area like a bob.

    That’s all and you’re set to go with this beautiful hairstyle. You can add some highlighter if you want so.

    Rihanna’s Curtain Bang Hairstyle – Analysis
    Rihanna Curtain Bang with bun
    Source: Pinterest

    The curtain bang hairstyle is one of the most famous bang hairstyles of Rihanna. This is her signature hairstyle of Rihanna during the modeling and acting stage of her career.

    This adorable hairstyle got so much notorious and this is one of her favorite hairstyles throughout her modeling career.

    Why curtain bang is a special hairstyle for Rihanna?
    Curtain bang updo
    Source: Pinterest

    The multi-talented artist  Rihanna tried so many fashionable hairdos during her career. Even though she styled such beautiful hairstyles this adorable curtain bang hairstyle must be very special for her.

    With the curtain bang hairstyle, Rihanna attended most of the award ceremonies. She looks more adorable and pretty with this curtain-bang hairstyle.

    When you see her pretty bang hairstyle of Rihanna, you must have a feeling in the corner of your heart. This is a fan favorite hairstyle of Rihanna even though she loved hairstyles so much.

    How to get Rihanna’s Curtain Bang Hairstyle?

    If you’re looking for a special celebrity hairstyle undoubtedly Rihanna’s curtain bang could be a perfect choice. It’s a very smart but easy hairstyle if you know to create a bun. Just follow the steps and see yourself with Rihanna’s look.

    • If you have long hair, brush it to the back.
    • Divide the upfront hair into two parts.
    • Make a low bun or topknot with long hair.
    • Let the front hair free flowing to around the forehead like a curtain.

    You can try this hairstyle with a slicked-back ponytail also. That’s all and you’re set to go with this adorable Rihanna hairstyle.

    However, Rihanna isn’t just a singer is also a fashionable beauty empire. Rihanna got some inspirational hairstyles throughout her career and the bang hairstyle was always a hot cake. If you’re looking for a trendy hairstyle of celebrity, just go for Rihanna’s bang hairstyle.

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