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Proper Steps of Doing Halo Braids at Home

    Proper Steps for Doing Halo Braids At Home
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    Halo braids are quite uncommon hairstyles in the braids category. However, black has a great thirst for knowing the steps of doing halo braids at home. As it is a traditional practice of making hair, for black women and African-American women.

    Image: A hairstyle Laboratory creation

    The look is elegant and stunning and a great way to add some flair to a look or dress up an outfit. To help you master the art of halo braiding, we’ve put together this guide on how to do halo braids.

    Steps Getting The Right Hair For Halo Braid

    If you’re getting your haircut for the first time at the salon, tell your stylist that you’re planning on getting your haircut into a halo braid. The stylist will know to leave more hair in the back of your head for your braid because it will need to be thicker than the rest of your hair.

    To do any braids, you need know about your hair texture. As, braids is a attention-grabbing at the same time it requires so much maintainance. Hence, not all hair is suitable for doing braids.

    Hairstyle Laboratory.

    Halo braids come in a wide range of textures, and you can tuck them into your hair without a braid, creating a neat look. Although most styles here are medium or thick, they are moderate to thick by European standards. A popular attention-grabbing style is the om nom. You secure yarns behind your ear, secure with elastic, and attach a large bow.

    Credit: Pinterest

    Halo braids look best on women with voluminous curls. A European-style braid can shape curls into a cute bowl shape, but you can still give curls the style they deserve if you order om-nom buns. These bun hairstyles also need less upkeep because the style is so soft and easy to maintain.

    To rock a medium-texture braid at work, move your style to one side of your head and secure the elastic with a hairband. Not quite there? Move the type over to your other side, ensuring the band is more flexible.

    Back to the point of making a bun, find a braid with less elastic, and secure it with headbands.

    You can also tuck the ends underneath your regular hair. Hold the braid in place with small clumps of hair from underneath your hat or ponytail. You can un-braid the hair with an iron if needed.

    The reason halo braids are so fabulous is that they provide so much length, but because the shape of the braid is tapered — there isn’t a visible knot — it’s a quick style to put on and take off.

    Beginning Steps of Doing Halo Braids A Halo Braid

    Halo braids are a fun way to add a pop of color to your everyday look. Halo braids are very easy to do at home. You can create them using your hair or purchase hair extensions to use as your halo. You can do halo braids on damp hair that’s clean or on dry hair.

    How to do halo braids: Start by taking your wet hair and pinching the back of your head. Secure the hair in a ponytail or a braid. Pat your scalp lightly and pull with your fingers until your hair is secure. Take your pomade or hair conditioner, and use a small triangle of it to smooth out any kinks in your halo as desired.

    Squeeze your gel-based hair adhesive onto the braids. Flip your piece of hair over and secure it in a ponytail or braid. With your halo attached, please turn up your ponytail or braid to ensure it. Secure it in place with a hair elastic if needed.

    Prerequisite: Your hair will have to be damp. If you don’t know what this means, take note and keep reading.

    Once your hair is damp, it’s time to style! Hold your halo-braid up to your face and start applying styling products. Remember — water is your friend! If your hair dries too much, it’s too hot and won’t stay put. Try to get it right on your face.

    Using hair oil is a great way to ensure that your hair stays put throughout the styling process. Apply the oil to damp hair using a hairbrush or a clean hand-side applicator. Tighten hair oil by doing a 30-over side part on your gel, and then work your way up to a 60-over amount using your fingers.

    Wait for about 10 seconds, then rinse your hands and repeat on the other side of your hair. Finish with a shine serum or leave it as is if you prefer.

    Finishing Steps Of Doing Halo Braids

    You can use a regular braid pattern to create a halo braid by simply crossing the sections over each other as you braid. Here’s how: 

    1. Split your hair into three even sections. 
    2.  Make a regular braid with the middle section.
    3.  Once you reach the end, cross the right section over the middle section.

    The artisan halo-braiding tutorials below are not the same as the clip art examples above. These patterns are designed specifically for braids’ hair. Here are two examples of how you can make your own.

    First, bring the hair in an upward position, then take a section of hair and bring it tight to the front. You’ll then create a bun with a small selection of hair at the front.

    Second, take the same sections of hair above, but instead of bringing them tight to the front, you’ll get it behind, underneath. Once again, you’ll create a bun with the hair on the back of the head.

    A solid-colored hair tie usually works best for braids, but lighter-colored hair will do in a pinch.

    Unless you have naturally straight hair, your hair should be loose — loosely — up of the scalp. A small ponytail works excellent for this and will help to avoid tangles. However, you can use a hairband if you don’t have a ponytail.

    Halo Braid Hairstyles For Black Hair Basic Tips 

    • Always start from the crown of the head; 
    • Twist the first two sections into a U shape to attach the third, and 
    • Wrap the hair below the ponytail into a coil around the braid so that the braid does not unravel.

    Easy Steps For Maintaining Your Halo Braids

    To maintain them, make sure you do not sleep with them. This can cause them to stretch out, and they will lose their shape. Also, do not let them get wet, or you will have to redo your braids. Do not let these women’s hair make you feel left out! Share this info with people who love to style their hair.

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