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The Best of Jason Momoa Hairstyles

    Jason's hairdo
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    Jason Momoa is one of the most famous and admired American actors. He is famously known for starring as Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones web series and the role of Aquaman in DC comics. Although his fancy life Jason Momoa’s hairstyle got so much hype and attraction among his millions of fans and followers.

    During every new project, Jason Momoa has appeared with a new hairstyle. Here we will discuss more of Jason Momoa’s long and bun hairstyles.

    How to get Jason Momoa’s Hair?

    Jason Momoa’s long tousled hair always has been an attraction to his followers. You can easily be styled with Jason Momoa’s hairstyle if you follow a few simple steps. To look like Jason Momoa all you need is to grow your hair long.

    All you have to do is stop visiting barbershops for at least 6 months. You need to grow your hair at least 8-10 inches to get proper hair. You can either make a part to the middle or slick it to the back of your front hair. The rest of the hair should remain over the shoulder. You can also add some highlighter to it by your preference.

    Jason Momoa Hairstyle Tutorial

    Source: Pinterest

    Jason Momoa’s bun hairstyle is one of the most followed and trendy hairstyles among his fan and followers. He not only tried top bun but also tried some different topknot hairstyles including low bun hairstyles, and tiny ponytails.

    To create a Jason Momoa bun you just need to keep your hair a bit long. Gather all the hairs from every side and make a tidy knot wherever you want. You can either make a proper bun or topknot whatever you want. And you’re set to go styled with Jason Momoa’s bun hairstyle.

    Crazy fans of Jason Momoa follows his hairstyles and his styles. I also like my super hero Jason’s hairdo.

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    How to maintain Jason Momoa’s hairstyles?

    It is very easy to follow Jason Momoa’s hairstyles but it is, even more, easier to maintain the hairstyle. All you need to do is to take care of your hair, wash it regularly, and have moisture enough.

    If you go with the long tousled style make sure to brush up regularly. If you go for the bun style make sure to moisturize them and the bun is not too tidy.

    These simple maintenance will give you an elegant look with Jason Momoa’s hairstyle. Here we have selected some of Jason Momoa’s popular hairstyles.

    Mid parted long tousled curly hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Jason Momoa and his long-tousled hair combination are exceptional. This is a popular hairstyle of Jason Momoa starred in Aquaman(2018).

    In this hairstyle, the length of the hair is around 12 inches long. The upfront hair is divided from the middle into two parts. The rest of the hair was left untidy over the shoulder. The dark brown highlighter made the hair even more perfect.

    Slicked-back Gray-brown hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Slicked to the back hairstyle is so familiar with Jason Momoa as he starred the majority of the film with slicked-back long hair. There is no visible divider on the front but the front hair is slicked to the back.

    The back hair length is around 10 inches long with the deep brown highlighter. With this hairstyle, Jason Momoa looked more younger and elegant. 

    Medium Length Jason Momoa Hair
    Jason Momoa Hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Jason Momoa is very used to and familiar with his brush-to-the-back hairstyle. Though  Momoa is familiar with his long hair he tried medium and short hair also.

    In this hairstyle, he styled his medium hair brushed to the back. The upfront hair is divided into two parts and the back hair is left free-flowing.

    Jason Momoa Haircut
    Source: Pinterest

    Jason Momoa’s medium-long hairstyle gave him a more stylish look whenever he tried this hairstyle. The upfront hair is divided into two parts where the sides are swept to the side from the middle.

    The average hair length of this hairstyle is around 6 to 8 inches. The light brown highlights on this hair gave this hairstyle more royalty.

    Jason Momoa Haircut Short
    Jason Momoa Hair short
    source: Pinterest

    This spiky front short hairstyle is very rare for Jason Momoa during his acting career. This is the hairstyle where all the hair remains short. The upfront hair is a version of spike toward the up. Jason Momoa looked handsome with this gentle hairstyle.

    Jason Momoa Hair Bun
    Jason Momoa ponytail Hair
    Source: Pinterest

    Along with long tousled hair, Jason Momoa tried a ponytail hairstyle also. This is not like a regular ponytail but with a tiny ponytail on the back of the head.

    The knot of the ponytail is tied up with a rubber band or lace. The lower part of the backside hair is kept in a layered style. Jason Momoa looked elegant with this wonderful tiny ponytail hairstyle.

    Jason Momoa Slicked Back Hairstyle
    Source: Pinterest

    This untidy long hair is so favorite of American actor Jason Momoa. This is the hairstyle where Jason Momoa looked gorgeous and elegant. The average hair length of this trendy hairstyle is around 12 inches.

    The upfront hair is the back hair that remains untidy and free-flowing hair. A brown highlighter on this hairstyle gives the perfect look.

    Fatty brown dreadlocks
    Jason Momoa Hair dreads
    Source: Pinterest

    The dreadlock hairstyle is one of the most iconic styles of Jason Momoa during his acting career. In this hairstyle, his locks hair looks so strong.

    The upfront hair looked like random hair but the rest of the hair goes over the shoulder with the fatty dreadlocks. It was more gorgeous with the thick dreadlocks and make the look perfect.

    Jason Momoa Hair Bun
    Jason Momoa Hair Bun
    Source: Pinterest

    The topknot hairstyle was one of the most decorative hairstyles of Jason Momoa. Here, in the hairstyle, he came up with upfront brushed hair. The side hairs brushed to the top and gathered a knot on the top of the head.

    This is most popular as a light updo. With this hairstyle, Jason Momoa looked very smart and elegant.

    Jason Momoa Cut Dreads
    Source: Pinterest

    This dreadlock hairdo is one of the most iconic hairstyles of Jason Momoa throughout his acting profession. In this hairstyle, he came up with a narrow deadlock hairdo.

    The upfront hair looked like random hair but the rest of the hair goes over the shoulder with the narrow dreadlocks. It was more majestic with the thin dreadlocks and looked perfect.

    Back bun Jason Momoa hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    The back bun hairstyle by Jason Momoa was spotted in the Game of Thrones TV series. This is the hairstyle that got immediately trendy among his fans and followers.

    In this hairstyle, the bun‘s placement is on the back of the head. Hairs from all sides including back hair slicked to the back of the head.

    The bun is a mix of a lace rubber band. This hairstyle of Jason Momoa follows by his fans.

    Dual-toned untidy Viking hairstyle
    Source: Pinterest

    The long tousled hair is the favorite hairstyle of Jason Momoa where the hair length is around 12-14 inches. This hairstyle falls into the category of a Viking-style hairdo. Adding the double highlighter especially, brown highlights on the shoulder area made the hairstyle even more gorgeous.

    In conclusion, throughout his film career, Jason Momoa tried a lot of gorgeous hairstyles. These hairstyles expressed his personality and evolved him into a man with a strong personality.

    If you’re looking for Jason Momoa’s hairstyle to style your hair, you can follow the above of these on your preference. Make sure you’re following the right steps. And go with an elegant hairstyle.

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