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Difference Between African American Hair and Caucasian Hair

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    The difference between African American hair and Caucasian hair will be clarified in this post. This clarification will help to identify what types of natural hair you have, and what should be initiatives you can take to stay away from all kinds of hair problems.

    What is African American hair?

    The people’s main origin belongs to the African continent and later permanently went to the United States they are known as the African American community. The word African American is also part of racism against the black community.

    Later, those black African people started to live in the United States or around the other part of the American soul. Generations by generation they are making happy journeys to the American continent. Due to the impact of the elimination and different environments, their natural hair became so much different from the original African hair.

    All types of original hair are good for doing versityle hairstyles. Whereas, artifical hair doesn’t provides 100% satisfaction in styling.

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    Living African American people’s hair got a newish identity for becoming so different from the original. Which different hair of the black American is known as the African American hair.  African American hair has identifiable textures, styles and types, and historical connections with the African people. 

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    Type of African American hair

    Depending on the hair texture, this type of hair can be divided into 3 different categories. Type 1b, 3c, and 4c are the different natural hair textures of African American hair. Whereas, differentiation of African-American hair can be done based on hair nature too.

    1. Curly natural hair
    2. Afro natural hair
    3. Coily natural hair
    4. Natural kinky hair

    Maintenance of the African American hair

    To maintain this type of hair properly, you need to wash the hair at least once a week. Using shampoo and conditioner will be a good choice to clean the scalp as well. Then avoid the different sun heat for a long time. That doesn’t mean you will not go out. But be aware that unwanted UV rays are harmful to natural hair.

    What is Caucasian hair?

    Caucasian hair has a connection with Asian and European cultures. Historians believe that the root of Caucasian hair comes from the Caucasian region of the European continent. 

    The normal hairs are straight. But that can be wavy or curly too. This hair has the fastest growth rate compared to all other natural hair types. And Caucasian hair is the thinnest hair type in the world. This type of hair is relatively brown in color.

    How do to take care of natural Caucasian hair?

    As this hair is very thin, you need to avoid sunburn. Which may damage the actual shininess of this hair. Then wash the Caucasian hair with a deep conditioner. Because this type of natural hair has a high oil-absorbing rate.

    Therefore, use quality hair sprays and avoid coconut hair oil. The use of hair gel is imminent for quick styling of Caucasian hair.

    Main differences between African American hair and Caucasian hair.
    1. Caucasian hair has a speedy growth rate than African American hair. Impact Caucasian has the fastest-growing rate.
    2. Caucasian hair is thinner than African American hair.
    3.  The Caucasian hair density is the highest of than other 3 types of hair. This hair has more dense roots than African American hair.
    4. African American hair is oiler than Caucasian hair.
    5. The African American hair fibers are drier than the Caucasian hair.

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