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Lob vs bob- Identify The Difference

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    Lob vs bob hairstyle makes it difficult for the users to find the right one. As both hairstyles are quite similar women are not able to find the right one for them. In this discussion, we will get a complete analysis of the lob vs bob hairstyle.

    With slight changes in length, these hairstyles differ. Therefore, it is quite tough to pick the right one for you. Especially, those who have natural hair unable to get the desired hairstyle. For that reason, users need to know the definitions of these hairstyles first.

    What is the Lob hairstyle?

    The lob hair is slightly longer than the original bob cutting. Lob hair touches the collarbone like a feather. No special end curls like bobs are not visible in this style. And the hair looks quite free from the original bob hair.

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    What is Bob’s hairstyle?

    A bob is a jaw-level haircut or a few inches upper or lower. These types of hairs are quite shorter compared with long-length hairs. On a regular look, bob hair looks much more decorative than lob hair. The ending part of the bob hair slightly bends with the jawline on the face. Some bob hairstyle has one long side contrary to another smaller side.

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    How to decide between Lob vs bob?

    Hairstyles are chosen based on some basic criteria. Milli James always prefers the bob hairs, as she wants to get a more round shape face look. She says, in bob hairs are very easy to maintain also. Moreover, the main attraction of bob hair is the decorative look.

    Milli has found such a beautiful decoration on no other hair except the bob hairstyle. This is only her opinion. Also, she transformed her naturally curly hair into straight hair to get the defined bob look.

    Everyone has a different opinion on choosing a hairstyle. But our recommendation is to prior the one, which is suitable for you.

    Face shape 

    Face shape is the most deciding factor in coaching hairstyles. On slightly longer shape faces, a lob hairstyle will be the most preferable one. Whereas, a round shape face looks more beautiful on the bob hairstyle.

    How to style a lob

    You can go for lob hairstyles on straight or curly hair. Firstly, you need to straighten the underneath part of the hair. A hair stream roller would be enough to do this task. Then from the middle fade line, go for the desired curl you want. You can take the assistance of a curly streamer. Finally, use a hair spray for the proper hold. Great you have done the lob style on your own.

    How to get a bob hairstyle

    Firstly cut your natural hair to a length that just touches the jawline. Then bend the underneath section of the hair to provide a more definite look. Straight, thick textured hairs are preferable for the bob hairstyle.

    Well, the lob and bob are the most attractive hairstyle for all types of women. Especially suggested for corporate women, who are short of time. They can maintain these hairstyles very easily with a little bit of preparation.

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