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About African American Hair information

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    African-American hair has unknown characteristics that need to be specified. African-American hair is known as naturally curly hair.

    In this post, we will provide you with top unknown Information about African American hair. Also, those surprising facts will enrich the understanding of this hair type.

    African American hair is the most caring type of hair

    To be fair, hair is the most elevated part of the body. Which is very much adjacent to the face. For that reason, hairstyle has a great impression on the look of people. Most black people suffer from many racial comments from childhood. They want to improve their looks, by caring for their natural hair.

    African American hair needs cleaning

    To maintain the proper hair quality, this type of hair requires some care. At least once a week the African American hair needs to be washed.

    Use of hair products

    While washing natural hair, the use of a conditioner is a must. Conditioner helps to reduce dirt and brings a heavy nature to hair. As African American hair tends to frizz, it requires the application of essential hair products.

    Curly hair styling is difficult. However, this hair represents the Afrcian community on all over the world.

    Mehedi Hasan
    Don’t make tight braids on African American hair

    It is a very old practice of making various braids in this hair. But tight braids are not helpful for natural hair anyway. Sometimes tightness reduces the blood circulation rate of the scalp. Also damages the natural consistency of the scalp. Therefore, many hair experts suggest not making too many tight braids.

    Making Braids styles are a traditional practice of African tribes

    Still, in today’s time, many tribal groups practice braided hairstyles as their customary nature. Braids were not the owned style of the American land. Some African tribes have brought this hairstyle with them to the American soul. Still, some parts of sub-Saharan regional tribes maintain fancy hairstyles.

    Unknown information about African-American Hair
    Afro is a sub-part of the African American hairstyle

    Not so long ago, wearing traditional hair, and dresses for black people in the United States was prohibited. Although so many initiatives were taken to reduce racism against black Americans. But most of the attempts went in vain. Just like today’s time, In 1971 Melba Tolliver a leading newsreader was fired from BBC. Just for wearing the Afro traditional hair.

    Locs hairstyles are a very old way of making hair

    The historian suggests that practicing locs style was borrowed from ancient India to Africa. Locs are mainly known as Jhota in India. And Jota hair was the only way of setting hairs of the Sadhus. Even in today’s time, Indian sadhus make jota or locs hairstyles.

    Another historical analysis says that the locs hairstyle was invented in ancient Egypt. Which is almost 5000 years old hair traditional practice.

    Why black hair is the best?

    African American hair is the darkest of them all. And dark hair has a higher concentration of melanin. Which makes it more suitable for the skin tone. Therefore, black hair looks so natural than other hair types.

    Longest African Amerian hair in the world

    A model from the USA named Aevin Dugas holds the record of having the longest Afro hairs. For her 4 ft. 4 inches (1.32m) long Afro hair, she holds the record of having the longest Afro hair at the age of 40.  For that reason, her name was listed in the Guinness world record book.

    Difference between African American hair and Caucasian hair

    Caucasian hair is the strongest natural hair bread in the world. Whereas, African American hair comes second on the same of the list.

    Caucasian hair is mostly straight, wavy, and very thin. Whereas, African American hair is mostly curly. And comparatively thicker than Caucasian hair.

    The strength and the growing ability of Caucasian hair has higher than natural black hair. There is a tendency of having white and black color mixers naturally on African American hair. But Caucasian hair is very dark naturally. Hopefully, all the information about African American hair will work in your favor.

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