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15 Incredible Rope Twist Locs for Women

    Senegalese twist
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    The rope twist locs are a popular protective hairstyle in African regions. The rope twist locs is also known as the Senegalese twist as it is popular in west African countries. This hairstyle came from Senegal. This protective hairdo protects your hair for 2-3 months without any damage.

    In today’s time, the rope twist has become so popular with women. Although twisting hair belongs to African heritage, it is commonly practiced by white and black women.

    Many fans wanted to see some beautiful examples of rope twists from us. That’s why we collected the most beautiful twisted hairstyles with details.

    What is a rope twist hairstyle?

    Before going to the main topic, it’s better to know about rope twists in detail. A rope twist hairstyle is a low-maintenance unique hairstyle, worn by African American women.

    The rope twist hairstyle is made up of two or three strands of hair wrapped around each other. Finally, the twisted hair looks like a rope. That’s why it is well known as a rope twist hairstyle.

    Amazing Marley twist

    Source: Pinterest

    The rope twist hairdo has been a trendy hairstyle since the 70s. The Marley twist addition with rope twists makes this example delicate.

    This is a two strands hairstyle with a combination of black and brown colors. This twisted hairdo is commonly used on all occasions. But mostly preferable in summer.

    Top bun with undercut

    Top bun with undercut
    Source: Pinterest

    This bun hairstyle is a combination of updo, twist, and side-shaped hairstyle. Women are commonly using the undercut hairstyle since the 90s era.

    An undercut bun hairstyle with a twist looks so spectacular. If you’re looking for an all-in-one hairstyle then choose this one. 

    The rope twist locs is a better version that aries from Senegalies way of twisted locs hairstyle. Therefore, this twisted hair is a combination rope, braid, and bun hairs.

    James Morris
    Box shape braided twist
    Source: Pinterest

    This is a combination of braiding and twisting hair. Adding braids with the twist looks more beautiful.

    To achieve it, simply make two strands in a single unit. And you’re set to go with this smart hairstyle.

    Messy rope twist in a bun
    Source: Pinterest

    The bun hairstyle is also a nice one. This lovely hairstyle needs high attention to achieve. A messy bun hairstyle with a twist is looking so great. If you’re looking for a decorative hairstyle this could be a better selection.

    Senegalese chain twist
    Senegalese chain twist
    Source: Pinterest

    The chain twist famously known as the Senegalese zipper twist is very popular among black women. This is the smart hairdo where the twists look like zippers or chains with side-parted or mid-parted hair. The brown highlights give the hairstyle more perfection.

    Twist in the long tail
    Source: Pinterest

    Have you ever tried a long-tail hairdo with twists hair? If not, it’s time to style this gorgeous hairdo by following a few steps.

    Firstly the upfront hair can be of braids hair. Then, Just slick back your twisted hair to create a narrow long tail. Finally, you’re set to go with this wonderful hairdo.

    twisted rope hair in a bob
    Senegalese twisted bob
    Source: Pinterest

    The bob-length haircut is also a popular hairstyle. Styling with a bob and a Senegalese twist is a special combination. If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle in a Senegalese twist then this is for you to rock with it. 

    Half up-down twist locs
    Source: Pinterest

    The top-knot locs are familiar to people of the West African areas women. This locs petal hairstyle is so adorable that women of any age can try it out. Some brown highlights on the top bun and lower part of the hair takes the cute hairstyle to next level.

    Jumbo cutting twist in a rope shape
    Jumbo Senegalese twist
    Source: Pinterest

    The jumbo cutting twisting is also a part of the rope twist. Mainly, this is hairstyle is done with two strands and a thicker twist. Dark black hairs are preferable with this hairdo and make them look attractive.

    Brown highlighted Marley’s twist
    Brown highlighted Marley twist
    Source: Pinterest

    The Marley twist added a specialty to the beautiful hairstyle from Senegal. This is a two strands hairstyle with highlights of light brown. This is the style where the upfront hairs look like tidy rope and the tails are randomly open.

    This rope twist is fit for any event notably in summer and provides you with a beautiful look.

    Massive rope twist
    Source: Pinterest

    The massive rope twist also came from Senegal. Primarily, this is the hairstyle where two strands join and make a thicker twist look like a jumbo Senegalese twist.

    After the final touch of dark black hair, she is looking like an angel

    Cornrow with a braided and twisted hair
    Source: Pinterest

    The Senegalese ombre twist is famously familiar to rope twists. Usually, if you have a cornrow-type braid with a Senegalese twist.

    After achieving this style, set that twisted hair down on your shoulder. A purple highlight on the tail-ender makes the hairstyle even more attractive.

    African common ropetwist
    Source: Pinterest

    The African rope twist is getting popular nowadays. With some thick double strands, the hairstyle looks similar to a jumbo Senegalese twist. This hairdo can be mid-parted or side-parted but the side-parted is more suitable. Women with this jumbo hairstyle look pretty and adorable.

    Topknot Senegalese twist
    Topknot Senegalese twist
    Source: Pinterest

    The topknot hairdos are well-known to people of the West African region. This hairstyle will be suitable for younger women.

    In this hairstyle where an updo is made with rope twists on top of the head. With the long hair, it takes the cutesy hairstyle to a new level.

    Attractive updo with ropetwist
    Source: Pinterest

    An updo with a rope twist is a common practice nowadays. This twist of hair is highly demanded in the African region. However, this twist locs may be originated from Senegal but getting more popularity in the American region also.

    This looks so attractive with long hair. Adding up some chocolate highlights to this hair gives a sexier appearance.

    The amazing rope twist hairstyles lasts up to three months. But you need to maintain the twisted hair in proper care.

    So, choose your favorite twist hairstyle from those examples. And let’s know your journey with rope twist.

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