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12 Stylish Habesha Hairstyles for Women

    Kamis hairstyle
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    Habesha hairstyle is a very well-known and popular hairdo for African nations like Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia. The Habesha hairstyle is the compound of kinky curly hair with voluminous hair. This is a very drastic and protective hairdo with a unit of highly textured strands.

    In any case, if you are resembling conventional African hairstyles then a Habesha hairdo stands as a great decision. Here we picked some legendary Habesha hair-making examples that’ll give you a more African vibe.

    Traditional Habesha with kumis

    Traditional habesha with kemis
    Source: Pinterest

    A traditional hairstyle is always given a great vibe among African women. There are several traditional dresses like Kemis that are even more popular. The front hairs are pushed back to the top with a skinny outlook and the rest of the hair undergoes Habesha style. If you are looking for something traditional then you should try this styling with Kemis.

    Gorgeous bubbled Habesha

    Gorgeous bubbled habesha
    Source: Pinterest

    The bubbled Habesha has been a trendy hairstyle among young ladies of Africa. The gorgeous bubbled styled Habesha is so beautiful that women of any age can try this style. The bubbled habesha is where the voluminous curly hairs are spotted like bubble braid. A bubble Habesha gives you an adorable and gorgeous expression. 

    Easy bob

    Easy habesha bob
    Source: Pinterest

    The bob cut is an all-time familiar haircut for women. A Habesha style bob cut is more famous in the region of Africa especially, in Ethiopia. A Habesha bob is where the hairs may be curly or kinky but the case must be bob cutest. This is a super easy hairstyle for Habesha that anyone can try out.

    Bridal Habesha with traditional dress

    Bridal habesha with traditional dress
    Source: Pinterest

    A bridal hairstyle always has been a dream for women. A bridal look with a Habesha hairstyle makes a woman more gorgeous. This is a bridal hairstyle where the volumized hairs remain open and untidy. Some traditional dresses of Africa make the hairstyle more ideal. Other than that, it can be a regular hair process also for stylish-minded women.

    Adorable Amhara Habesha hairstyle

    Adorable Amhara habesha hairstyle
    Source: Pinterest

    Habesha hairstyles are the basic stylish hairstyle for Tigre people and Amhara casts from Ethiopia. Some jewelry on the top and front makes the hairstyle even more perfect. If the hairstyle is styled with traditional Ethiopian dresses it gives an adorable look a woman a dream of. 

    Braided top Habesha hairstyle

    Braided top habesha
    Source: Pinterest

    Braided hairstyles are the most common headdress for ladies all over the globe, but for Africans, it’s very special. A Habesha hairstyle with some top braids is so unique hairdo a woman can go for. The upfront braids can be twisted braids or cornrow braids with a mid-parted front. If you’re looking for a stylish Habesha then you can look into this.

    Inspirational stunning hair braids

    Inspirational stunning habesha
    Source: Pinterest

    The voluminous hair is so familiar in Africa. This is the hairstyle where the upfront hair with an organized braid. These upfront hairs can be styled with any braid, but they must be organized. The rest of the curly hair remains as usual untidy. For women who looking for an inspirational hairstyle then this amazing hairstyle could be a classy choice. 

    The Habesha hairstyle is a new trend for the West African nations.

    The Al-base braided hairs

    Albaso braided habesha
    Source: Instagram

    The Albano braided hairstyle is one of the most prevalent coiffures in African countries.  The kinky messy hairs with dark black highlights make the Albaso braided hairdo extremely impressive. If you’re looking for a gorgeous Habesha then a black kinky Alba braid is the right choice anytime any day. 

    Classic hairstyle on Habesha’s shape 

    Classic habesha hairstyle
    Source: Pinterest

    Classic hairstyle is always a preferable hairstyle for women who want old fashion vibe. The classic Habesha is one of them for African women. This is the 80s fashion with a vintage look where the curly hair remains unorganized and untidy.

    The upfront hairs remain as usual classic Habesha front. If you’re okay with classic fashion, then this stunning classic hairstyle will surely make your day. 

    Ethiopian Habesha with jewelry

    Ethiopian habesha with jewelry
    Source: Pinterest

    The bulky hair with the Habesha hairstyle is so common in Africa. This is the hairstyle where the upfront hairs are brushed to the back with some organized braids. These upfront hairs can be styled with any braid, but they must be organized toward the back.

    The rest of the curly hair remains, as usual, voluminous and untidy. For women who looking for a gorgeous hairstyle, this amazing hairstyle could be a classy selection.

    African thin mohawk Hairsetup

    African thin mohawk habesha
    Source: Pinterest

    The Mohawk hairstyles are the most popular in all of Africa. This is the beautiful classic hairstyle where the top hair is styled with a thin mohawk hairstyle. The sides around the mohawk are thin braids brushed to the back.

    The back of the hair usually remains long and looks like unorganized and unequal silky hair. This uncommon hairstyle ultimately gives you a different look from others.

    Vintage Habesha hairstyle

    Vintage habesha
    Source: Pinterest

    A vintage hairstyle is always a beautiful hairstyle a woman can go for. The upfront hairs are made with some tiny mohawk, yet the rest of the curly hairs remain untidy.

    The brown highlight especially, on the backside makes the hairstyle more energetic. If you’re looking for a vintage hairstyle then this can be a great pick.

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    However, the Habesha hairstyle always gives a clear idea of how stylish a person you are. On the contrary, a Habesha hairstyle is even more beautiful when it comes to some traditional dresses.

    Even some jewelry on the hair gives the hairstyle a more adorable look. If you like African hairdos then this adorable, gorgeous Habesha hairstyle can be the perfect hairstyle you can go for.


    More necessary information on the habesha hairstyle.

    What is the hairstyle of Ethiopian traditional dress?

    Answer: The habesha (people from Ethiopia and Eritrea) traditional hairdo is called Albaso braids. Seven huge cornrows are braided or weaved over coiled hair tubes to create the Albaso hairstyle.

    What is the name of Ethiopian hair?

    Answer: In Ethiopia, there are several hairstyle options. Dreadlocks, Afros, or “Goferay” in Amharic, and braids are frequent among pilgrims and monks.

    What is a Habesha woman?

    Habesha women are the ethnic group of Abyssinians. The Orthodox Christians mainly live around the highlands of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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