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man bun hairstyles facts and guidelines

    man hair setting
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    Man bun hairstyles are the culture of class, fashion, and royalty for men who love to style their hair. Man bun hairstyle might be a common hairstyle but there are lots of interesting facts about it.

    A man with a bun hairstyle is ultimately considered a show-stopper since the 50s. Having a bun genuinely makes you more stylish and boosts your confidence everywhere.

    In recent years the man bun hairstyles became so common and well exercised too. This haircut actually provides a manly look.

    Man bun with beard
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    What is a man bun hairstyle?

    A man bun stays lower and gathers hairs from the front and the sides. The main condition for a good-looking bun is the hairs must be at the same length from all sides. The bun is more likely to be a top knot hairstyle but it’s not the same.

    A bun is where the hairs from all sides are tied into a knot which might be placed on top of the head or back of the head.

    How to grow and style a bun for men

    Well, to create a fashionable and smart man bun you must need long hair. The length of the hair should be at least 6 inches to create a proper bun. Make the length of hair equal from all sides. Gather the hairs to a point and tide them up. Point to be noted that you can create a man updo while shaving the sides or with an undercut hairstyle.

    Man bun with black beard
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    If you have enough length of hair then decide where you’ll place the bun. It could be on top of the head or back of the head or top back of the head, as your wish.

    Usually, the top back of the head is the perfect place to spot the bun. Brush back the hairs or hold all the hairs together with one hand. Then simply make the bun wherever you want to spot the bun.

    Bun is the haircut of a real man. With beard and mustache the bun on a men hat looks marbalous.

    Adam Cole

    How to maintain stylish man bun hairstyles

    Man bun
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    Having a man bun means you have to put lots of effort and time into setting up your hair. Ultimately, it can be said that the bun is one of the most highly expensive hairstyles for men. Moreover, it requires proper maintenance.

    To have a healthy man bun you need to maintain a routine to take care of your hair. As long hair gets greasy quickly you have to shampoo your hair to keep it healthy. And yes, to avoid male pattern baldness you mustn’t tie up the hairs too tightly.

    Do the top knot and man buns are the same hairstyle?

    No, both might be looks similar but not the same hairstyle at all. There are some basic differences between the two hairstyles. The top knot hairstyle for men can be done with any length of hair or just tied up on top.

    On the other hand, the man bun needs at least 6 inches of long hair to make an ideal bun.

    How to protect a man bun
    Man bun style
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    As an elegant hairstyle, a man’s bun always needs protection to maintain the hairstyle. Here are some pro tips to protect your bun and keep it healthy.

    • Try to wash your hair a bit lesser and don’t shampoo every day. Wash your hair two or three times a week.
    • Make sure you’re aware of the hair products you’re using. Use the best salon shampoo to keep moisture in your hair all the time.
    • Trim the hair regularly and maintain a suitable length of long hair. Trimming the unwanted bottom and side hairs keeps the bun neat and clean.
    • Don’t try the tidy bun and try different types of bun every time.
    Negative impacts of having a man bun

    Having a man bun has been a gorgeous and elegant hairstyle for centuries. Despite man, updo being a beautiful hairstyle but there are some negative impacts or side effects with this hairstyle.

    According to some scientific studies, having a bun hairstyle for men is the cause of male pattern baldness between 24 to 45 years of age. Traction Alopecia is one of the most common hair problems caused by bun hairstyles. A tidy bun also can be the reason for hair fall.

    In conclusion, we can say that despite having some negative issues man bun remains the king of hairstyles.

    Though styling a man updo needs higher maintenance it is still worth it. A proper and perfect bun ultimately gives you a royal manly look. Just grow your hair, get a man updo, and come up with an elegant gorgeous manly look.

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