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Why Do Most Indian Guys Have The Same Haircut?

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    Have you ever seen, all Indian guys have the same haircut? Most of the Indian guys have either short hair cut or medium short haircuts. Whereas, long hair and a bald haircut in Indian societies are so rare. 

    Almost all Indian guys have the same haircut for many reasons. But the most common reason is the social aspects. We all know India is a conservative country. Conservative mentality can be a great cause of having the same haircut as all Indians.

    Indians are always a bit conservative thinker. From their dressup to their haircut, everything is quite similar. That’s why most of Indians wears a similar looking haircut.

    Historical analysis.

    Reasons for having the same haircut as all Indian guys 

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    According to our analysis, we have identified some reasons behind this situation. You may be astonished to hear these reasons. Let’s know these factors in the next section.  

    Social aspect 

    Researchers have found some horrible results. In some Indian societies, hairstyle is the definition of a person’s character. Having short hair means the person is decent. Whereas, having long hair is not acceptable there. Long hair represents an egoistic character according to Indian social norms. 

    Barbers limitations 

    Amazingly, we found that Indian barbers are not so professional. They either come to this profession from childhood. An almost large number of them live below the poverty line.

    Barbers are not aware of good haircuts. They have taken this profession to support their livelihood. That is indicating that a haircut is not considered an art.  

    Lowest ranked profession

    Being a barber in Indian societies is not considered a great profession. Sadly, most Indians consider barbers to be of low caste. Haircuts and hairstyles are not considered art on this site of the world.  

    Barbershops and spas Could be a Profitable Sector in India 

    In India, you will find so many great barbers working in a low-quality environment. They are getting enough space to show their skills. Therefore, great professionals are not getting interested in this profession. That is causing an emptiness in this profitable sector.   

    As India is an attractive country, many tourists come here. India is not able to provide quality spa services like Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, and Australia. People are not getting the relaxation they were in search of.

    The main reason is not having a professional barbershop or salon. So, what could have been a profitable sector, is not supporting so much. 

    Can Haircuts and Hairstyles become an Artistic Profession In India?

    To become a barbershop or salon sector of great professions they have to fulfill some criteria. Barbers need to be more skillful. They have to come out from the traditional mindset. They need to work on different hairstyles.

    If barbers become more skillful. They will not deliver the same haircut to all guys in India. Which will improve the hairstyles industry. Also don’t forget to share your experience of haircuts, if you belong to India.   

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