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Sleeping with Box Braids Proper Explanation.

    Styling with box braids
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    Sleeping with box braids hasn’t been an easy task. Braid is a versatile hairstyle. Box braids are a type of hair-braiding style that is quite popular among African people and the African parts of the world. It is common to feel tension right after braiding.

    Yet we need to find out ways to have proper sleep with our favorite hairstyle. Because sleeping problems are soluble and we need to know the real methods. As box braids protective hairstyle, it protects natural hair from being harmed. In this article, we have provided all the easy methods of sleeping with box braids.

    Image: Explaining sleeping with box braids

    Our hair experts have provided scientific analyses of these problems. Also, they provided scientific solutions for you. So, why wait for more? Let’s jump into this essential article.

    What is box braids hairdo?

    A box braid is two French braids interlaced together in the middle. Box braids are a  fabulous hairstyle that comes in three different variations: full, 3/4, and mini. All of them are made with the same basic technique – sectioning off the hair and braiding (usually using a fishtail braid)  the hair to create short rows.

    But depending on what you want to do with your box braid, you can choose if you want your strands to be as long or as short as possible and use all sorts of different methods for arranging the rows in between.

    Box braids are plaits or three-strand braids that are divided into square-shaped sections, says Stacey Ciceron, hairstylist and Oribe consulting stylist.

    Making braids is part of the African culture. Therefore, the African and their ancestors doesn’t fells any problem with this hairdo.

    Michel Bichel

    How to Sleep Comfortably with Box Braids on The First Night Without Damaging  Your Hair 

    How to sleep with box braids the first night if they are too tight? Box braids maintenance is tough to ask especially at night time. A lot of people are trying to learn how to sleep with a box braid.

    Box braids are very common and they are also very versatile. Several websites and instruction manuals show box braids are the perfect way to sleep.

    But is it true? Should you give it a shot? We’ll show you what the mystery is, along with some tips on how to do this style without hurting yourself, in our blog post today. 

    It wouldn’t be easy to sleep with a box braid on your first night. It can take some effort to figure out how to keep a hairdresser intact, so knowing some tried-and-true tips and tricks is essential. And the most amazing thing is that if you follow some simple instructions, you can get stress relief & good sleep. 

    3 ways of box braid sleeping on the first night

    The best way to sleep is with a silk scarf over your box braids to keep them from getting messed up or unraveling the bonnet at night. Using a large, 40 by 40 in (100 by 100 cm) piece of silk fabric to completely cover your braids, is the best way to sleep with braids to keep them frizz-free. Why silk/satin, you may wonder?

    Cotton and other rough fabrics are harmful to our hair, and they will also contribute to your braids not lasting as long. When you toss and turn in your sleep, the tiny hairs in your braids will create friction and fall out of the plait. They will become frizzy after only a few nights.

    Box braids must be completely wrapped before tying the scarf to protect the entire length of the plait, not just the scalp. Silk/satin can help to lock in hair moisture. You can also wear a “sock-style” scarf that fits over your braids like a sock or pillowcase. 

    Every night, sleep with a satin pillowcase. Visit your local home goods store and look for a satin pillowcase to replace a cotton pillowcase. Your braids may look frizzy in the morning if they rub against a cotton pillowcase overnight.

    Product choice

    By switching to satin, you can keep your braids looking fresh and beautiful every morning. Many sleep experts recommend sleeping with a satin pillowcase with a box braid to make you feel more comfortable and have a more restful night’s sleep.

    This is because satin has a high pillow retaining quality, meaning that your pillows will stay in place and not slide off during the night. It also helps regulate your skin’s humidity, which can help keep you cool at night if you are prone to sweating  (i.e., hot flashes).

    Additionally, a satin pillowcase with a box braid is recommended because it has a high luster quality, which helps reduce the number of facial lines and wrinkles you will have over time. 

    Satin pillowcases with box braids are usually much more expensive than regular cotton pillowcases. If you are thinking of purchasing one, here are some tips to help you get the best value for your money. 

    Buying Tips 

    First, if you plan to get a satin pillowcase with a box braid, do some research and compare the prices of the brands that you like. You can pick up different brands of satin pillowcases in department stores and shopping centers. However, you can also purchase them online from well-known e-commerce sites like  Amazon or depending on the items you are looking for.

    The upside-down sleeping position is the most effective way to get your first night’s sleep after using the Box Braid.

    The Box Braid is an amazing hairstyle that will change your life for the better. It’s time to say goodbye to that unflattering updo and hello to a classy, stylish look.

    But what should you do when you get home? The answer is obviously to sleep the night away upside-down, of course! This will protect your hair from damage and ensure it lasts as long as possible. It will also assist you in getting a good night’s sleep without being irritated. 

    This is the best way to sleep after using the Box Braid. When you wake up, you will have a  beautiful head of hair that others will envy. You will realize that sleeping in this position is so easy and comfortable, it’s a no-brainer! 

    Box braids sleeping
    Box braids hairdo
    How do you sleep with a Box Braid all the time?  

    Here we will provide some general tips for sleeping in all Braids (From cornrows to box braids).

    Sleep with thick and long Box Braids  

    If your braids are particularly thick and long, use a special bandana wrap and scarf when you sleep. If you have 5-6 long, coiled braids, tying them up in a traditional silk scarf may hurt and strain your scalp. Use a large, square silk scarf with two long ties instead.

    This is a great way to put your box braids up when they tend to be at their best. Lay the scarf out on the back of your neck and wrap it around your head. Secure it around the top of your head and tie it tightly.

    Tie one more knot, making sure that you are not tight enough for too much pressure on any part of your scalp or face. Then, pull off the scarf pieces at each side of the ties so that you can see plenty of finished length in between them. Take the hair that is behind one ear and wrap it around the base of the other.

    Pull it through in a downward motion, and then wrap it again- this time in an upward motion. Take the hair that is behind your other ear and wrap it around the base of your first ear in a downward motion. Then, pull it up and through again- this time in an upward motion.

    Rights: Hairstyle laboratory
    Sleep with Cornrows and Box Braids of a Short Length  

    The idea is generally the same for cornrows and short braids, as the most important part is to protect the hair on your scalp. 

    • Wrap a silk scarf around the front of your head and tie the ends at the base of your hairline for very short box braids (shoulder length and shorter).
    • You can either tuck the third corner (if using the triangle shape) under the outer edges or place your bonnet over the wrap from here (if using the long rectangle shape). 
    • Wrap the remaining loose or braided hair around your head and secure it with a scarf if you have braided cornrows (braids that follow along the scalp). We recommend not pinning any hair if you have cornrows. This will cause them to loosen and possibly break. 
    Sleep with loose Box Braid & Tight box braid  

    This blog is all about how to sleep with a loose & tight box braid. It’s not a difficult skill to master, but there are some tricks and tips that will help you get the best results from your patience.

    I’ll show you how to put in an elastic so that it won’t undo itself as you sleep, make sure your edges are neat and orderly so that they don’t catch on anything during the night, and teach you how to take care of it in the morning. 


    If you have a loose braid that starts at the top of your head and ends somewhere around your ears or neck, this is the best-suited style for you. It doesn’t get too tight against your scalp during the night, and it will stay in place if you happen to toss and turn.

    It’s pretty good for anybody who wakes up with a headache. Adding an elastic band makes the style even better. It keeps the hair from falling out in your face, and you can use it to tie back your hair and get it out of your way during the day. 

    If you have a tight braid that starts at the top of your head and goes all the way down to the ends of your hair, this is also a pretty good style for sleeping.

    Ends up with a lot of hair sticking out from their pillow that they don’t want to poke in the face. You’ll also notice daytime hair care is very important too.

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