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Fantastic Evolution of Lionel Messi Hairstyle

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    Lionel Andres ‘Leo’ Messi, is a highly rated famous footballer from Argentina. Lionel Messi’s hairstyle became trendy hairstyle when he tried a new haircut.

    Messi tried so many signature hairstyles in his career so far and all of them became trendy immediately. Here are some signature hairstyles Lionel Messi followed throughout his career.

    Long fluffy mullet hairstyle

    Long hair messi

    The mullet hairstyle is one of the most iconic hairstyles for men since the 80s era. In 2004 during his debut for FC Barcelona, teenage Lionel Messi came with a mullet hairstyle. Lionel Messi’s hairstyle came with the fluffy one.

    He comes up with long hair at the backside and medium-short on the top and the sides. His long hair on the backside was an average length of around 7 or 8 inches.

    Lionel Messi amazing hairstyle.

    Lionel Messi has the most followers in the footballing world. He made his fans loyal by his can do attitude.

    Mehedi Hasan

    Long layered Ashton Kutcher hairstyle

    Messi layered hairdo

    Ashton Kutcher is an American model with a pretty hairstyle. During the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Lionel Messi’s hairstyle came up with the Ashton Kutcher look. His hair was pretty long and layered with an irregular part.

    It was healthy and glossy with a zig-zag parting. He looked so pretty and stylish with the hairstyle throughout the season of 2006/07.

    Messi Long Hair

    Long free-flowing with the hairband

    The free-flowing hairstyle is a style the famous gents have been rocking since the 70s era. In 2007 Argentine youngster Lionel Messi came with a trendy free-flowing hairstyle. In this hairstyle mainly the hairs can flow toward the air.

    Lionel Messi came out with long hair with a free-flowing hairstyle where he included a hairband. During this time he looked so dashing with the hairstyle on the pitch.

    The medium tidy crop hairstyle
    The medium tidy crop hairstyle

    The tidy crop hairstyle is called the hairstyle of gentlemen. In 2009 Leo Messi started the season with a tidy crop hairstyle. The length of the hair was medium, which is around 5 inches. Lionel Messi continued keeping the gentle hairstyle throughout the 2010 FIFA World Cup also.

    Though it was a very common hairstyle during this time, the tidy crop hairstyle was followed by millions of fans around the world.

    The boy-band hairstyle with 90s vibe
    Messi hair

    The boy-band hairstyle is always something special since the 90s. In 2011 Argentine superstar Lionel Messi came up with the special hairstyle of the 90s era.

    The hairstyle was a kind of layered bob with a choppy texture. With this hairstyle, Leo Messi looked so energetic and ambitious.

    Messi Short Hairstyle
    Short textured quiff with unshaved sides

    The textured quiff comes up with basically an undercut style where topside hairs are bigger than the back and sides. In 2013 Lionel Messi appeared with a short textured hairstyle where his hair length was short type.

    Messi did the style with more variety than the usually textured quiff. He kept his sides unshaved but with a smaller length of hair.

    Undercut textured quiff with shaved sides
    Undercut textured quiff with shaved sides

    Undercut textured quiff is kind of similar to the short textured quiff. This time in 2014 Lionel Messi came up with an updated version of the short textured quiff after the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    The upfront side of this style was a bit longer but the rest of the side was almost shaved or very short. He looked younger and prettier with this style. Also known as brush up with tapered sides hairdo. 

    Messi Undercut Hairstyle
    Messi undercut hairstyle

    Side brushed hair has always been a favorite hairstyle for Lionel Messi since 2011. After the Champions League crown in 2015, Barcelona star Lionel Messi appeared in the Kim Jong style. His topside hair was side brushed but the hair on the sides and back were shaved. Though Lionel Messi stuck with this hairstyle for a very short period.

    Messi White Hairstyle
    Lionel Messi's hairstyle blond side-swept undercut

    2016 will always be remembered as the beginning of the stylish era for Lionel Messi. In July 2016 Lionel Messi appeared with the most shocking hairstyle.

    He came up with a blond side-brushed hairstyle with a full beard. Rumors spread that he was inspired by his former teammate Neymar jr to do this shocking hairstyle.

    Side brushed with side shaved hairstyle
    Side brushed with side shaved hairstyle

    Brushed to the side is an automatic choice hairstyle for Lionel Messi since 2011. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Leo Messi was seen with an acrobatic style with a combination of Hair and Beard.

    During this time his hair was brushed to the side and his beard was so impressive. With both hair and beard combined Lionel Messi looked like a mature grown-up man.

    Lionel Messi’s hairstyle with diagonally brushed
    Messi beard and hairstyle

    Brushed-back hairstyle is always a symbol of a manly look. After the 2019 season and in the Ballon d’Or ceremony 2019, Lionel Messi has seen a gorgeous elegant look with his brushed hairdo.

    His hair was diagonally brushed up to the back and his medium full beard on the face was a beautiful combination. This style was followed by his millions of fans during this time.

    Medium textured quiff returns with unshaved sides
    Medium textured quiff returns with unshaved sides

    Texture quiff has been always a favorite style for Lionel Messi since he is aware of fashion. Recently in 2020, Barca star Lionel Messi returned to his old textured quiff hairstyle.

    This time the hair is medium length with side-swept but the sides remain unshaved. With this hairstyle, he kept his full beard with brown highlights which makes Messi remarkably gorgeous.

    Returns of Lionel Messi hairstyle with a short textured quiff
    Returns of Lionel Messi's hairstyle with a short textured quiff

    As said before, the textured quiff is the hairstyle that Lionel Messi followed the most in his career. In the year 2021, Lionel Messi returned with his short quiff hairstyle again. This time he came up with a beardy look which makes him a more confident look.

    The sides are shorter than in the previous style and the upside hair is more stable. He shortens the length of his beard also alongside the hair.

    Though Lionel Messi wasn’t concerned about his hairstyle from the beginning. As a star footballer, Lionel Messi’s Hairstyle became popular every time he changed hairstyle.

    Lionel Messi’s career is filled with lots of success which made him a living legend. With a proper hairstyle and a perfect beard, every time he expressed himself as a fashionable person.

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